Be the first to reach Manhattan in this L train shutdown board game

December 21, 2018

Image courtesy of Hunter Fine

In reality, the L train shutdown will be no fun for anyone, but in this satirical board game, the doomsday situation gets a playful twist. Bushwick Daily first spotted the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the game, which is called “Escape From Hell.” After selecting a hipster character, players roll the dice and follow the path as they try to get from East New York to Manhattan by bus, ferry, bike, or alternate train service.

The game was created by advertising copywriters Hunter Fine and Gil Arevalo. Fine’s previous work includes Hikea, a Youtube series where people take drugs and try to put together Ikea furniture, apparel line Hipster Traps, and the public art installations Squeakeasy. He told Bushwick Daily, “Both of us live off the L train and have no idea what’s going to happen after the shutdown this year. We thought coming up with a project that explored the possibilities would be fun to do. At first, we were going to make an escape room simulating the shutdown but that was too hard to pull off, so we came up with the idea for the board game.”

The board is illustrated with local landmarks like Brooklyn Flea, House of Yes, and the Domino Sugar Factory. If players land on a “draw” space, they pick a card that gives them a funny reason why they have to move back. Examples include, “Your ex is the other person in your carshare,” “You finally got on the J,M,Z but your subway car only has one person on it. And it smells like a toilet,” and “Your bicycle, like your body, is slowly falling apart, and you need to get it fixed.”

Fine and Arevalo hope to raise $2,500 through their Kickstarter campaign, which is enough to produce the minimum 100-game order. With 29 days to go, they’ve raised $570.

[Via Bushwick Daily]


Images courtesy of Hunter Fine

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