Artist Jamila Hooker’s ‘Foreign Postcards’ project divorces Arabic from fear

Posted On Thu, April 6, 2017 By

Posted On Thu, April 6, 2017 By In From Our Partners

On any given Sunday, Jamila Hooker will be in her Harlem apartment with a magic marker in hand, making black swooping marks on postcards that she will mail to dozens, hundreds, thousands of people across the globe. All she wants in return is a photo of the recipient holding the postcard on which she scribed their name in a mysterious script—Arabic.

“Foreign Postcards” is Hooker’s ongoing artwork and social experiment that she conceived on a creative retreat in 2013. People sign up on her website, and when they email her their photo she adds it to her mosaics of participants demonstrating peace with a language that many people associate with fear, hate and danger.