Are Today’s Skyscrapers As Resilient As the Pyramids?; Cook Up Martian Dishes in Brooklyn

August 11, 2016
  • Can today’s glassy skyscrapers outlast Egypt’s 5,000-year-old pyramids? [BBC]
  • You don’t need to go far to find woodland in NYC. There’s 10,000 acres of it up in the Bronx [New York Times]
  • Employees at The New York Times brace themselves for more drastic cuts [NYPost]
  • Remember eating freeze-dried ice cream when you were a kid pretending to be an astronaut? Well now there’s a supper club offering dishes you could actually eat if we became Martians. [Washington Post]
  • Welcome home, Captain America! [DNAinfo]

Images: All Giza Pyramids in one shot via Wikipedia (L); Menu 4 Mars website screenshot (R)


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