$3.58M Forsyth Revitalization Project Will Bring an Elevated Park Off the Manhattan Bridge

November 5, 2014

If you’ve ever walked or biked across the Manhattan Bridge, or simply tried to make your way past the off-ramp on foot, you know that it can be a heart-thumping jaunt that often requires expert maneuvering to avoid collision. A new design proposed for a triangular section of land beside the Manhattan Bridge along Forsyth Street could bring some much-needed calm to the frenetic energy of this area. Tomorrow, the Department of Design and Construction will present their plan to transform this elevated space into a public green space that’s being likened to the High Line Park.

Forsyth Plaza NYC

The Forsyth Street Plaza, as it will be called, has been in the works since 2009. A delivery date of summer 2013 was pinned to the project when it was first presented, but obviously it didn’t happen. The plaza was in large part stalled due to locals’ concerns over skateboarders, rats and security. As a result, the project has been locked in its conceptual phase for the last couple of years. The wait, however, may have been well worth it as it looks like the new project will deliver what the community has been waiting for: 10,000 square feet of elevated public green space.

Forsyth Plaza NYC

Plans show that the new plaza will bring with it a wide stairwell entrance and a stainless steel A.D.A. ramp deck located at the corner of Canal and Forsyth Streets, both of which will lead visitors to the elevated area. The park will also be landscaped with weeping cherry trees, honey locust trees and low-maintenance grass and bamboo plantings, and will receive granite paving, built-in and loose park furniture and bike racks. The distance from the ramp to the curb will also be extended to 28 feet to accommodate produce vendors in the area. Public artwork will be displayed in the park with special emphasis placed on the importance of quiet and reflective spaces.

Forsyth Plaza NYC

The start date for the project is slated for late winter/early spring 2015. During construction, a temporary bike path and a number of concrete barriers, fencing and timber curbs will be installed to protect pedestrians and bikers alike.

The project will be presented to Community Board 3 tomorrow night. More information can be found here.

[Via Bowery Boogie]

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