VIDEO: Bjarke Ingels Takes Us Through His 57th Street Pyramid ‘Courtscraper’

May 7, 2015

Photo by Field Condition

Even though big dreamer and BIG architect Bjarke Ingels’s 57th Street pyramid was recently christened a less-than-desirable “Via” by its developer, Ingels and his team have given the building a moniker of their own, nicknaming it “courtscraper.” In this video produced by Bloomberg, the architect takes us inside his 625 West 57th Street project, which he describes as “the lovechild of a courtyard building and a skyscraper.”

In the three minute film, Ingels addresses the building’s less-than-desirable location sandwiched between a sanitation garage and a power plant, and his clever “hyperbolic-paraboloid” design solution to the lack of green refuge in the area. “By boiling down Central Park to the scale of a city block, we ended up nesting the qualities of the urban oasis into a single building,” he says. And in true Ingels fashion, the architect isn’t shy about sharing his passion for the craft and his desire to change the world: “If the city we’ve inherited doesn’t fit with the way we want to live our lives, we have the possibility and the responsibility to make sure it does in the future.”

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[Via ArchLab via Bloomberg]



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