#sofa4manhattan was Crowd-Crafted for a New Yorker’s Lifestyle

August 8, 2014

Couch shopping in New York is not as simple as one may think. The furniture has to be petite enough not to overpower a small space, fit through the doorway, and make it around the sharp walk-up turns (remember the “pivot” scene from Friends?). And with those challenges in mind, Berto and Design-Apart brought together 11 New York-based designers and Italian designer Luca Nichetto to crowd-craft the ideal sofa for Manhattanites. Design-Apart produced one of the three designs from the workshop. Called #sofa4manhattan, the selected concept is a contemporary work that unites a number of different pieces.

Sofa4Manhattan, Design-Apart, Berto, apartment sofa, Luca Nichetto

#sofa4manhattan is a cubby/couch hybrid, perfect for a snug corner and doubling as a chaise lounge. Its wooden base conveniently extends to serve as an attached end table. Bright yellow stitching pops against the zippered, canvas-style cushions, as do the fun, multi-sized throw pillows. So, all you Manhattan dwellers, is this the perfect sofa for your space?

Watch a video of the collaborative design process below.

[Via Design Milk]

Photos courtesy of Berto

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    I want it! It looks so comfy and I love the colorful pillows and threading

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