Revealed: Floor Plans and Pricing for Jean Nouvel’s MoMA Tower

August 31, 2015

After progress crept along for nearly ten years, Jean Nouvel‘s highly anticipated MoMA Tower, officially known as 53W53, is now inching closer to the finish line. A year ago we got a peak at unofficial penthouse floorplans, and the first interior renderings were revealed in February, followed by a pre-sales-launch video of the interiors in May. Now, the Post has uncovered floorplans and pricing for three of the units in the 1,050-foot, 82-story asymmetrical tower. They include a 3,846-square-foot, 55th-floor three-bedroom asking $21.7 million; a smaller 55th-floor three-bedroom for $14.42 million; and a 4,362-square-foot, 72nd-floor three-bedroom duplex going for $39.2 million.

MoMA Tower, 53W53, Jean Nouvel, New Developements, Thierry Despont

The Billionaires’ Row supertall really starting gaining speed around this time last year when developers paid $85.3 million for 240,000 square feet of development rights from the Museum of Modern Art and St. Thomas Episcopal Church, as well as secured a $860 million construction loan.

53W53, 53 West 53rd Street, Jean Nouvel, MoMA Tower

MoMA Tower floorplans, 53W53, 53 West 53rd Street, Jean Nouvel, NYC starchitecture

In addition to the pricing for the floorplan units, the Post also confirmed asking prices that had been previously reported. “One-bedrooms on floors in the 20s range from 1,250 to 1,771 square feet, with asks from $2.97 million to $5.52 million. Two-beds on floors scattered between 18 and 23 start at 2,046 square feet and go up to 3,558. Those are priced from $6.73 million to $10.95 million. Then come the three-bedrooms with their steep price tags. From a 2,691-square-foot unit on the 28th floor, asking $7.68 million, this size goes up to the aforementioned $39.2 million duplex.” There’s also a 6,786-square-foot, 63rd-floor four-bedroom unit that wants $50.9 million and an 81st-floor duplex that’s expected to go for at least $70 million.

Stay up to date on pricing and listings for 53W53 at CityRealty.

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