Geodesic Dome

February 13, 2019

For $849K, this Westchester geodesic dome home offers energy efficiency and endless views

Just 45 minutes from Manhattan, this three-bedroom home in the Westchester County, N.Y. village of Pleasantville, asking $849,000, sits on a 40-foot granite rock cliff. Though that alone might make it a standout property, the 2,519-square-foot home is a geodesic dome, built by the dome kit experts at American Ingenuity, according to Curbed. The current owners built the home to follow their dream of building a geodesic dome within an hour of NYC, with a view, close to town and the Metro North commuter train. Its construction far exceeded the building codes at the time while making it 50 percent more energy efficient than a regular house.
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April 13, 2018

A Buckminster Fuller dome almost kept the Dodgers in Brooklyn

With baseball season back in full swing, talk at some point turns to the heartbreak of losing the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles. Modern Mechanix informs us that team owner Walter O'Malley had championed a Brooklyn dome stadium designed by Buckminster Fuller–and how the result is yet another reason to blame Robert Moses. O'Malley took the team to Cali, if you'll remember, because he got a better deal on land for a stadium–better than he was able to get in the five boroughs. He had wanted to keep the team in Brooklyn, but Ebbets Field was looking down-at-the-heels by then and bad for morale. In 1955 O'Malley wrote dome-obsessed architect Buckminster Fuller requesting a domed stadium design.
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October 2, 2017

Live in a waterfront dome in Southampton for $729,000

A dome-shaped home located on the Reeves Bay in Flanders, New York has hit the market at an asking price of $729,000. While the 1,762-square-foot pad keeps things compact inside, it sits on nearly an acre of land and includes incredible waterfront views. As Curbed Hamptons reported, the Southampton dome at 48 Huntington Lane first sold in 2005 for $728,500 and returned to the market this July for $899,000. In addition to the artistic design, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home features docking rights, a garage and air conditioning.
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June 5, 2017

Set up a vacation home anywhere with these pop-up smartdomes

As a way to escape the stress of urban life, a dome construction company has created a mobile geodesic dome for do-it-yourself nature lovers. The Slovenia-based firm smartdome construction created a dome that users set up and dismantle themselves. The elevated dome can be set up almost anywhere, is built on a set of adjustable steel legs, and is made of prefabricated modules engineered for energy efficiency.
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May 25, 2017

Here’s your chance to vacation inside a geodesic dome in the woods for just $46/night

Airbnb offers no shortage of unique vacation rentals, but this geodesic dome is really something. The 165-square-foot hut is located on a farm in the woods outside Bethlehem, Connecticut, there's no power, heat or air conditioning, and the kitchen and bathroom are located about 100 feet away inside the property's main house—imagine it as a form of camping. While you may be "roughing it" during your stay, you'll also be surrounded by forest in a mesmerizing dome built of pine sourced right from the property. As the owners put it, it's a "very peaceful space where you can get in touch with nature and yourself." The vacation rental is asking $46 a night.
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July 8, 2016

Go Glamping in a Geodesic Dome on a Catskills Farm for $350/Night

Looking for an upstate weekend getaway, but don't want to deal with the mosquitoes and unpredictable weather that often go with traditional camping? This geodesic dome in the Catskills promises to be an "incredible glamping space," and its funky design and foodie-focused community only sweeten the deal. Available on Airbnb for $350/night, the dome is located on a farm in Sullivan County. It has wooden floors and screened-in windows, but you'll need to BYObed if you have more than two guests. There's also outdoor double hot showers, a sink, and a clawfoot tub, as well as a full outdoor kitchen with a grill, fridge, sink, and fire pit.
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February 26, 2016

A 1960s Plan to Cover Midtown Manhattan With a Giant Geodesic Dome

During the 1960s and 1970s, thanks to future-thinking genius engineer/utopian Buckminster Fuller, plans were proposed to cover midtown Manhattan with a giant geodesic dome. Fuller, who invented the concept and was deeply invested in studying the domes and their properties, described a three kilometer (1.864 mile) geodesic dome spanning midtown Manhattan that would regulate weather and reduce air pollution. The proposed structure would have stretched from the East River to the Hudson River and from 21st Street to 64th Street. The dome would reduce cooling costs in summer and heating costs in the winter, so buildings wouldn't need separate heating or cooling–the dome above would be kept at a regulated temperature level.
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February 8, 2016

$1.5M Catskills Home Is Part Geodesic Dome, Part Prairie-Style Retreat

A geodesic dome house near the mountains of the Catskills? Yes, it exists. This $1.49 million property at 106 Mountain Laurel Lane, which spans a little more than one acre, holds a house with two very distinct architectural styles. The first is contemporary, which the listing says is inspired by the "lines and modern aesthetic of Frank Lloyd Wright." Then there's the dome design, inspired by architect Buckminster Fuller. The two styles were integrated into a 3,300-square-foot home with three bedrooms. Inside, a triangle door from the "contemporary wing" leads you into a geometric space with triangular windows and a pentagon skylight. You don't see 'em like this everyday.
The listing calls it the DomeHouse and “The Embrace”
September 6, 2015

Add This Awesome All-Season Igloo to Your Outdoor Oasis

We're always seeking out cool ways to escape the city, but we're also constantly on the lookout for items that will enhance our city living—and the Garden Igloo certainly falls within this category. This awesome multipurpose geodesic dome was designed both as a winter garden and a summer canopy. It's lightweight and comes with easy, step-by-step instruction, no tools necessary. What better way to enjoy your outdoor space in the colder months of fall and winter than to be chilling outside in your very own Garden Igloo?
July 9, 2015

Build Your Own Mathematically Accurate Geodesic Dome with Hubs

Last month we introduced Kodama Zomes, a unique hanging lounger shaped like a geodesic dome that's perfect for reading, meditating, or just plain relaxing outside on a summer day. But for the more scientifically inclined, we've now found a build-it-yourself geodesic dome. The product may not come with built-in cushions, but it is mathematically accurate and educational. First spotted by designboom, Hubs makes building a dome so simple that one can be erected in under 30 minutes.
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June 24, 2015

The World’s Largest Geodesic Dome Home on Long Island Now Selling for $1M

We've featured this incredible green dome home on 6sqft before, but now comes word that this spectacular dwelling has hit the market for $1 million. The home, located at 1489 Sound Avenue in Calverton on Long Island, is the world's largest geodesic dome home, measuring a massive 70 feet in diameter, 45 feet high, with 5,850 square feet at its disposal. In fact, according to its owner Kevin Shea, it's so big that "two traditional homes can fit inside!"
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June 11, 2015

Kodama Zomes: Hanging Geodesic Homes for Lazing the Summer Away

Are you ready for a relaxing summer? We've found a great piece of furniture floating around the Internet that we wouldn't mind having in our home. Meet the new Kodama Zomes, a unique hanging lounger shaped like a geodesic dome that offers the perfect space for relaxation, reading, meditating, or just snoozing your afternoons away. Designed by structural engineer Richie Duncan, the sturdy cocoon will help you unplug as it softly sways you with the summer breeze.
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May 27, 2015

For Under $1M You Can Buy a Dome Home in New Paltz That Rotates 360 Degrees

Long Island may be home to the the world’s largest geodesic dome house, but just two hours north of NYC in New Paltz is an eco-friendly wooden dome home that can rotate 360 degrees with the push of a button. And, as Curbed reports, it's now up for grabs for $950,000. Built in 1999, the 2,300-square-foot, three-bedroom, UFO-looking residence sits in the middle of a 28-acre forest at the base of the Mohonk Preserve. It spins in order to utilize passive solar energy and to take advantage of the picturesque views.
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January 28, 2015

BergDesign Architecture Transforms a Williamsburg Mechanics Garage into a Multi-Use Space with a Hidden Bar

A multi-disciplinary event/performance space, retail store, and hidden bar all in one–we must be in Williamsburg. Located at 94 Wythe Avenue, in a slower-to-gentrify, industrial section of the neighborhood, this outpost of Kinfolk Studios was transformed by BergDesign Architecture from a mechanics garage into a space that feels like "it was designed for an off-the-grid Pacific Northwest hippy mathematician" by adding wood-clad geodesic dome shell structures to divide the space into separate functions.
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November 28, 2014

Long Island’s Green Dome is the Largest Geodesic Dome Home in the World

Measuring 70 feet in diameter and 45 feet high, Kevin Shea's spectacular dwelling is proudly the world’s largest geodesic dome home. Dubbed Long Island Green Dome, this LEED-certified building sets an example for both family life and sustainable living. The power comes courtesy of the wind and sun, and the home has trees growing inside and a lovely outdoor terraced garden made from recycled tires.
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