November 16, 2022

Starbucks opens three-level Reserve location inside the Empire State Building

Starbucks is opening another of its premium, immersive roasteries within the Empire State Building on Wednesday. Spanning 23,000 square feet across three floors, the new Starbucks Reserve Empire State Building store features immersive experiences like hands-on workshops and guided tasting flights, as well as an extensive menu of coffee beverages, craft cocktails, and artisan food only available at the location.
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December 13, 2018

Starbucks is opening a massive ‘immersive coffee experience’ with a cocktail bar in Chelsea

Starbucks is opening a new cafe in Chelsea on Friday, but it won't be anything like the stores that dot every block in Manhattan. Called the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, the store on 9th Avenue stretches across 23,00 square feet and three levels and promises to bring an "immersive coffee experience" for java lovers. In addition to having a working coffee roastery, the space features two coffee bars, cocktail bar, bakery, and a terrarium inspired by the Starbucks coffee farm in Costa Rica.
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June 24, 2016

For Just $30, the AeroPress Coffee Maker Might Be the Next Big Thing in Brewing

Espresso machines can cost thousands, and traditional drip coffee pots (we're looking at you Mr. Coffee), while inexpensive, can often yield a subpar cup of Joe. But a $30 coffee maker is well on its way to providing a happy medium for caffeine aficionados. Business Insider took a look at the AeroPress coffee maker from Aerobie, which uses an airtight plunger to push coffee or espresso through the filter. The company claims its success is in the product's ability to brew under "ideal conditions"--proper temperature, total immersion, and rapid filtering.
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May 17, 2016

Clever Pour-Over Coffee Maker Poses As a Decorative Water Tower

Pour-over coffee makers are most-definitely favored by coffee connoisseurs, loved by those obsessed with the nuances that each bean carries. While the craft is considered cool, the large, bulbous glass vessels used during the process are hardly such. To improve the design of this method, Damon Ahola created TOWER, a single-serving pour-over coffee maker that masquerades as a decorative water tower—"the epitome of the New York City skyline," says Ahola.
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October 22, 2015

Tom Dixon’s New Sophisticated Copper Coffee Set Improves Every Step of the Art of Brewing

Famed British designer Tom Dixon is paying a brilliant tribute to the daily act of preparing and drinking coffee. His Brew Coffee Collection is a sophisticated beverage set with gleaming copper elements that any New Yorker will love to wake up to. But the bling isn't the only thing here, as the designer explains, "The range includes a piece to perfect every stage of the coffee ritual, from the push of the plunger to the dunk of the biscuit."
September 10, 2015

Turn Hot Coffee to Iced in Minutes With the Coil

New Yorkers love to drink coffee, and while most can manage the time and effort required to brew a pot, getting the bubbling liquid cold is another story. Many of us are willing to spend upwards to four or even six dollars if someone can ice it for us. Well, fellow coffee addicts, thanks to the Coil, a chiller that drops the temperature of coffee within minutes, your days of over-priced joe have come to an end.
December 9, 2014

6sqft Gift Guide: Wacaco’s On-the-Go Espresso Maker Can Fit Inside a Purse

If you've got someone on your gift list that's overworked, under-caffeinated and looking for a better way to get their fix (this is New York, after all), look no further than Wacaco's Minipresso as the perfect present. This portable hand-held device is a godsend for those who frequently need a boost but don't have the time to wait in long coffee shop lines—or simply for those with a more discerning taste for the finer grounds in life.
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September 3, 2014

Coffee Culture: Are Neighborhood Cafes the First Sign of Gentrification?

From “coffices” to lab-like minimalist gourmet coffee meccas to cozy neighborhood hangouts, neighborhood cafes are a fine example of the essential “third place” mentioned in discussions of community dynamics: that place, neither work nor home, where regulars gather and everyone’s welcome. Along with yoga studios, art galleries, community gardens, vintage clothing shops, restaurants with pedigreed owners and adventurous menus and, some say, a change in the offerings on local grocery shelves, cafes are often the earliest sign of neighborhood change. The neighborhood cafe serves as a testing ground for community cohesiveness while adventurous entrepreneurs test the still-unfamiliar waters around them. Beyond the literal gesture of offering sustenance, cafes provide a place where you can actually see who your neighbors are and appreciate the fact that at least some of them are willing to make an investment locally.
Get a fleeting glimpse of old New York City cafe culture in the West Village, meet the future of coffee distribution in Red Hook.
July 31, 2014

The Bariseur: A Hybrid Coffee Brewer-Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up with a Fresh Cup of Joe

If you dread waking up to the painful buzz of an alarm clock, this new design might be the way make your morning hustle a slower, more delightful experience. Envisioned by British designer Joshua Renouf, The Bariseur is a coffee brewer and an alarm clock all in one. This unique hybrid machine will wake you up with a freshly brewed cup, letting you enjoy a few more minutes in bed.
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