Pay to break stuff for fun at these ‘rage rooms’ in NYC

September 11, 2018

Some New Yorkers in need of major stress relief are skipping meditation and trying an unusual, but apparently effective, alternative. As a self-described provider of destruction services, the Rage Cage lets visitors smash printers, VCRs, dishes, and other items with a sledgehammer or baseball bat. Sessions range from $45 for 25 minutes of raging to a $120 30-minute session for four people (h/t WSJ).

The Rage Cage, which opened in August, is located near the Wrecking Club in Midtown West, a similarly-set up anger room that opened last year. Both offer a variety of weapons and necessary protective gear, including construction gloves, hard hats, jacket and pants, and a face shield.

Packages offered by the Wrecking Club include “Couples Therapy,” a $95 30-minute session that gives you a sledgehammer, baseball bat, and crowbars to break two electronics and two “buckets O’dishes.” Or for the super irritable, try the $245 “Extra Mad House,” for two to six people to smash two large office printers and six buckets of dishware.

Owners of both businesses told the WSJ that the hardest part of the business is finding hundreds of pieces of used electronics every week. Rage Cage founder Jeffery Yip said he buys his dishes from IKEA and dollar stores and finds used electronics on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Following a smash session, Yip brings the components to E-waste Warehouse in Brooklyn, which sells reclaimed items and recycles whatever remains. When asked by the WSJ whether the city needs two rage rooms, Yip responded: “In the U.S., New York City needs it the most.”

[Via WSJ]

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