Official Rendering Revealed for Nordstrom Tower: No Surprises but Potential for More Height

May 14, 2015

Image of Nordstrom Tower/217 West 57th Street, via YIMBY

Recent reports revealing a potential pinnacle bump for Extell’s supertall planned for 217 West 57th Street, followed by a statement by Extell’s Gary Barnett denying the new height report–which would have the tower outstreching One World Trade Center–have discussion once again focused on the world’s tallest residential tower-in-waiting.

Today NY Yimby reports that an official Extell rendering of the project confirms it will match earlier versions of the plans as well as previously-revealed in-house images.

The official plans put the building’s pinnacle height at 1,515 feet (462 meters), and the rendering shows the tower’s spire as shorter than 1,795 feet, which matches the previous estimate of 1,775 feet.

Keeping in mind that “rooftop adornments” (such as a building’s spire) aren’t subject to the stricter DOB rules that cover actual buildings, there’s no reason the tower couldn’t get a last-minute height boost, though Barnett has expressed no intent to compete with the height of One World Trade Center, with a lesser height planned as a gesture of respect to 1WTC’s symbolic patriotism in response to the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks.

Earlier today, information was revealed about the project’s planned total of 184 condominium units and an expected sales volume of an ambitious $4.4 billion; the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

[via YIMBY]


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