NYC will now have 67 miles of open streets, the most in the U.S.

June 24, 2020

Photo looking south on open West End Avenue, taken by 6sqft on 5.16.20

New York City will add 23 new miles of open streets, bringing the total to roughly 67 miles of streets closed to cars citywide, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday. When the mayor first announced the program, he committed to opening 100 miles of streets throughout the pandemic. “This is going to be great for people looking for a break this summer with all the things going on, a place for kids to exercise and run around,” the mayor said during a press conference. “It’s growing, and we’re going to keep adding to it.”

De Blasio said the next round of open streets will be operated by different models, including 9.29 miles operated by local police precincts, 3.15 miles operated by local civic partners, and 1.1 miles next to park roads.

Of the 23 additional miles opening, just over 9 miles will be in the form of protected bike lanes. The bike lanes will open in phases and are planned for Central Queens, Harlem, Midtown, Lower Manhattan, and Soho.

The mayor also said the open streets will connect with the city’s open restaurants initiative, which allowed businesses to reopen for outdoor service on Monday. More details on the crossover will be announced this week. Plus, some open streets will be designated as “cool streets,” or blocks with shade from trees and hydrants able to open.

Here is the full list of open streets; streets in bold are new.


  • West 103rd Street: Broadway to Riverside Drive (Harlem)
  • 114th Street: Manhattan Avenue to Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Harlem)
  • East 115th Street: Park Avenue to Third Avenue (Harlem)
  • 120th Street: Lenox Avenue to Mt. Morris Park West
  • 117th Street: Morningside Avenue to 5th Avenue (Harlem)
  • 138th Street: Lenox Avenue Adam Clayton to Powell Boulevard (Harlem)
  • 129th Street: Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard to Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Harlem)
  • West End Avenue: 87th Street to 96th Street (Upper West Side)
  • 75th Street: Broadway to Riverside Drive (Upper West Side)
  • West 51st Street: 9th Avenue to 10th Avenue (Hell’s Kitchen)
  • West 44th Street: 9th Avenue to 10th Avenue (Hell’s Kitchen)
  • Broadway: West 47th Street to West 53rd Street
  • Broadway: West 41st Street to West 42nd Street
  • Broadway: West 36th Street to West 41st Street
  • Broadway: West 25th Street to West 28th Street
  • Broadway: East 21st Street to East 23rd Street
  • 46th Steet: 8th Avenue to 9th Avenue
  • Irving Place: East 16th Street to East 20th Street (Gramercy)
  • 2nd Avenue: East 42nd Street to East 34th Street (Murray Hill)
  • 2nd Avenue Service Road: East 33rd Street to East 30th Street (Kips Bay)
  • West 22nd Street: 7th Avenue to 8th Avenue
  • West 21st Street: 9th Avenue to 10th Avenue
  • West 25th Street; 8th Avenue to 9th Avenue
  • Hudson Yards, Hudson Boulevard East & West: 35th Street to 36th Street
  • 17th Street: 8th Avenue to 10th Avenue (Meatpacking District)
  • 13th Street and Little West 12th Street: Ninth Avenue to Washington Street (Meatpacking District)
  • Greenwich Street: Canal Street to Spring Street (Hudson Square)
  • Doyers Street: Pell Street to Bowery (Chinatown)
  • Ludlow Street: Delancey Street to Houston Street (Lower East Side)
  • Orchard Street: Delancey Street to Houston Street (Lower East Side)
  • Rivington Street: Allen Street to Essex Street (Lower East Side)
  • Stanton Street: Allen Street to Essex Street (Lower East Side)
  • Avenue B: East 6th to Street East 14th Street (East Village)
  • University Place: West 13th Street to West 4th Street (Greenwich Village)
  • MacDougal Street: West 4th Street to West 8th Street (Greenwich Village)
  • Jones Street: Bleecker Street to West 4th Street (Greenwich Village)
  • Pearl Street: State Street to Cedar Street (Lower Manhattan)
  • 101st Street: Park Avenue to 3rd Avenue
  • King Street: Hudson Street to Greenwich Street
  • Little 6th Avenue: Spring Street to Broome Steet
  • Dominick Street: Varick Street to Little 6th Avenue
  • Audubon Avenue: 183rd Street to 193rd Street
  • 29th Street: Broadway to Madison Avenue
  • Jefferson Street: East Broadway to Madison Street
    Adjacent to Parks
  • Lt. William Tighe Triangle: Dyckman Street from Broadway to Seaman Avenue
  • Stuyvesant Square Park: Rutherford Place from East 15th Street to East 17th Street & East 16th Street from 3rd Avenue to Rutherford Place
  • Carl Schurz Park: East End Avenue from East 83rd Street to East 89th Street
  • Highbridge Park: Laurel Hill Terrace from Amsterdam Avenue in Highbridge Park
  • Morningside Park: Morningside Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to West 116th Street
  • Charles Young Playground: West 143rd Street from Malcolm X Boulevard to 5th Avenue
  • Jackie Robinson Park: Edgecombe Avenue from St. Nicholas Place to 145th Street
    Inside Parks
  • Fort Tryon Park: Margaret Corbin Drive from Fort Washington Avenue to Cabrini Boulevard


  • Lawrence Street: Fulton Street to Willoughby Street (Downtown Brooklyn)
  • Smith Street: Atlantic Avenue to Fulton Street (Downtown Brooklyn)
  • Willoughby Street: Pearl Street to Lawrence Street (Downtown Brooklyn)
  • Willoughby Street: Lawrence Street to Flatbush Ext. (Downtown Brooklyn)
  • Joralemon Street: Hicks Street to Furman Street (Brooklyn Heights)
  • Willow Street: Middagh Street to Pierrepont Street (Brooklyn Heights)
  • 1st Place: Smith Street to Henry Street (Carroll Gardens)
  • 2nd Place: Smith Street to Henry Street (Carroll Gardens)
  • 4th Place: Smith Street to Henry Street (Carroll Gardens)
  • Hall Street: Park Avenue to Myrtle Avenue (Clinton Hill)
  • St. Marks Place: 3rd Avenue to 4th Avenue (Boerum Hill)
  • State Street: 3rd Avenue to Smith Street (Boerum Hill)
  • Wycoff Street: Nevins Street to 3rd Avenue (Boerum Hill) 
  • Pacific Street: Smith Street to Nevins Street (Boerum Hill)
  • 4th Street: 5th Avenue to 4th Avenue (Park Slope)
  • Butler Street: Gregory Place to 4th Avenue (Park Slope)
  • Gregory Place: Baltic Street to Butler Street (Park Slope)
  • Carlton Avenue: Park Place to Bergen Street (Prospect Heights)
  • Carlton Avenue: Dean Street to Bergen Street (Prospect Heights)
  • Leonard Street: Montrose Avenue to Boerum Street (Prospect Heights)
  • Underhill Avenue: St. Johns Place to Bergen Street (Prospect Heights)
  • Park Place: New York Avenue to Kingston Avenue (Crown Heights)
  • Prospect Place: New York Avenue to Brooklyn Avenue (Crown Heights)
  • Troy Avenue: St. Johns Place to Eastern Parkway (Crown Heights)
  • Schenectady Avenue: Eastern Parkway to Empire Boulevard (Crown Heights)
  • South Portland Avenue: South Elliot Street Dekalb Avenue (Fort Greene)
  • Willoughby Avenue: Washington Park Street to Hall Street (Fort Greene)
  • 6th Avenue: 44th Street to 51st Street (Sunset Park)
  • 21st Street: 3rd Avenue to 7th Avenue (Sunset Park) 
  • East 7th Street: Caton Avenue to Ditmas Avenue (Kensington)
  • Chester Avenue: Ft. Hamilton Parkway to Church Avenue (Kensington)
  • West 9th Street: Henry Street to Hicks Street (Red Hook)
  • Arlington Place: Macon Street to Fulton Street (Bed Stuy)
  • Macon Street: Arlington Place to Tompkins Avenue (Bed Stuy)
  • Somers Street: Rockaway Avenue to Fulton Street (Bed Stuy)
  • Fulton Street: Marcy Avenue to Brooklyn Avenue (Bed-Stuy)
  • Berry Street: North 12th Street to Broadway (Williamsburg)
  • Grand Street: Roebling Street to Marcy Avenue (Williamsburg)
  • North 3rd Street: Kent Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue (Williamsburg)
  • South 9th Street: Berry Street to Driggs Avenue (Williamsburg)
  • Grattan Street: Morgan Avenue to Bogart Street (Bushwick)
  • Humboldt Street: Moore Street to Flushing Avenue (Bushwick) 
  • Moore Street: Humboldt Street to Bushwick Avenue (Bushwick)
  • Troutman Street: Irving Avenue to St. Nicholas Avenue (Bushwick)
  • Ellery Street: Broadway to Beaver Street (Bushwick)
  • Williams Avenue: Liberty Avenue to Atlantic Avenue (Brownsville)
  • Blake Avenue: Rockaway Avenue to Powell Street (Brownsville)
  • Blake Avenue: Miller Street to Hinsdale Street (New Lots)
  • Livonia Avenue: Mother Gaston Boulevard to Powell Street (Brownsville)
  • Colonial Road: 86th Street to 83rd Street (Bay Ridge)
  • Newkirk Avenue: Coney Island Avenue to East 17th Street (Midwood)
  • Avenue K: 15th Street to 17th Street (Midwood)
  • East 16th Street: Avenue R to Moore Place (Homecrest)
  • Moore Place: 16th Street to 17th Street (Homecrest)
  • Stanley Avenue: Vermont Avenue to Van Siclen AvenueSchneck Avenue to Ashford Street (East New York)
  • Montague Street: Hicks Street to Pierrepont Place (Brooklyn Heights)
  • Driggs Avenue: Monitor Street to Meeker Avenue (Greenpoint)
  • West Street: Quay Street to Greenpoint Avenue (Greenpoint)
  • Reed Street: Conover Street to Van Bruen Street (Red Hook)
    Adjacent to Parks
  • Prospect Park: Parkside Avenue from Park Circle to Ocean Avenue
  • Prospect Park: Prospect Park West from 3rd Street to Garfield Place
  • McGolrick Park: Russell Street from Nassau Avenue to Driggs Avenue
  • McCarren Park: Nassau Avenue from Banker Street to Lorimer Street
  • Maria Hernandez Park: Suydam Street from Knickerbocker Avenue to Irving Avenue
  • Cooper Park: Sharon Street from Morgan Avenue to Olive Street
  • Sternberg Park: Leonard Street from Montrose Avenue to Boerum Street
  • Korean War Veterans Plaza: Cadman Plaza East
  • Dome Playground: 38th Street from Dahill Road to 15th Avenue
  • Cobble Hill Park: Congress Street from Clinton Street to Henry Street
  • Nicholas Naquan Heyward Jr. Park: Wyckoff Street from Bond Street to Hoyt Street
  • Carroll Park: Carroll Street from Court Street to Smith Street
  • Green Central Knoll Park: Noll Street from Evergreen Avenue to Central Avenue
  • Betsy Head Park: Dumont Avenue from Thomas Boyland Street to Strauss Street
  • Red Hook Park: Henry Street from Lorraine Street to Bay Street
  • Commodore Barry Park: North Elliot Place from Park Avenue to Flushing Avenue
    Inside Parks
  • Callahan-Kelly Playground: Sackman Street from Truxton Street to Fulton Street


  • East 140th Street: Brooke Avenue to Willis Avenue (Mott Haven)
  • East 148th Street: Willis Avenue to Bergen Avenue (South Bronx)
  • Willis Avenue: East 147th Street to East 148th Street (South Bronx)
  • West 238th Street: Tibbett Avenue to Irwin Avenue (Kingsbridge)
  • Creston Avenue: Fordham Road to Kingsbridge Road (Fordham Heights)
  • Pugsley Avenue: Bruckner Boulevard to Turnbull Avenue (Soundview)
  • Rhinelander Avenue from Williamsbridge Road to Bronxdale Avenue (Morris Park)
  • Yates Avenue: Burke Avenue to Adee Avenue (Laconia)
  • McClellan Street: River Avenue to Cromwell Avenue (Concourse)
  • Washington Avenue: 171st Street to 169th Street (Claremont)
  • Randall Avenue: Olmstead Avenue to Havemeyer Avenue (Castle Hill)
  • Nelson Avenue: Featherbed Lane to Macombs Road (Morris Heights)
  • Holland Avenue: Boston Road to South Oak Drive (East Bronx)
  • Louis Nine Boulevard: Intervale Avenue to Southern Boulevard (Longwood)
  • Tibbett Avenue: 238th Street to 232nd Street (Kingsbridge)
  • Trinity Avenue: East 166th Street to East 161st Street (Morrisania)
  • Crotona Parkway: Bronx Park South to 180th Street (Crotona)
    Adjacent to Parks
  • Williamsbridge Oval: Reservoir Oval East/West at Bainbridge Avenue
  • Quarry Ballfields/Belmont: Oak Tree Place from Hughes Avenue to Quarry Place
  • River Park: Boston Road from 180th Street to Bronx Park South
  • River Park: Bronx Park South from Boston Road to Bryant Avenue
  • St. Mary’s Park: Jackson Avenue from 143rd to 147th Streets
  • Claremont Park: Clay Avenue from 173rd Street to Claremont Parkway
  • Morris Park: Rhinelander Avenue from Haight Street to Colden Avenue
  • Captain Rivera Playground: Forest Avenue from East 156th Street to Westchester Avenue
  • Riverdale Playground: West 236th Street from Hudson Manor Terrace to Independence Avenue
    Inside Parks
  • Grant Park: Grant Avenue from 170th Street to 169th Street Full Block


  • 27th Street: Hunter Street to Queens Plaza South (Long Island City)
  • 5th Street: 46th Avenue to 49th Avenue (Long Island City)
  • 34th Avenue: 69th Street to 77th Street (Jackson Heights)
  • 34th Avenue: 78th Street to Junction Boulevard (Jackson Heights)
  • 39th Avenue: Woodside Avenue to Barnett Avenue (Sunnyside)
  • 46th Street: Queens Boulevard to Greenpoint Avenue (Sunnyside)
  • 50th Avenue: 48th Street to 44th Street (Sunnyside)
  • Skillman Avenue: 39th Place to 43rd Street (Sunnyside)
  • 60th Street: Laurel Hill Boulevard to 47th Avenue (Maspeth)
  • 60th Street: Queens Boulevard to 43rd Avenue (Woodside)
  • 66th Road: 110th Street to Grand Central Parkway (Forest Hills)
  • Ascan Avenue: Queens Boulevard to Austin Street (Forest Hills)
  • 99th Street: Horace Harding Expressway to 66th Avenue (Rego Park)
  • 120th Street: 94th Avenue to Liberty Avenue (South Richmond Hill)
  • Peck Avenue: 137th Street to Main Street (Flushing)
  • Roosevelt Avenue: 155th Street to Northern Boulevard (Flushing)
  • 107th Avenue: 159th Street to 160th Street (Jamaica)
  • 108th Avenue: 159th Street to 160th Street (Jamaica)
  • 109th Avenue: 159th Street to 160th Street (Jamaica)
  • 159th Street: 108th Avenue to 109th Avenue (Jamaica)
  • 165th Street: Chapin Parkway to 85th Avenue (Jamaica Hills)
  • Bragg Street: Avenue V to Avenue Y (Sheepshead Bay)
  • 77th Street: Atlantic Avenue to 101st Street (Ozone Park)
  • Rockaway Freeway: Ocean Crest Boulevard to Regina Avenue (Far Rockaway)
  • Onderdonk Avenue: Starr Street to DeKalb Avenue (Ridgewood)
  • Newton Avenue: 30th Avenue to 31st Steet
  • 32nd Steet: 30th Avenue to Newton Avenue
  • 37th Avenue: 75th Street to 80th Street

Adjacent to Parks

  • Astoria Park: Shore Boulevard from Ditmars Boulevard to Astoria Park South
  • Court Square Park: Court Square West from Jackson Avenue to Dead End
  • Hunters Point Park: Center Boulevard from 57th Avenue to Borden Avenue
  • Gorman Playground: 85th Street from 25th Avenue to 30th Avenue
  • Painters Playground: Dieterle Crescent from Alderton Street to 65th Drive
  • Plaut Triangle
  • Yellowstone Park: 68th Road from 108th Street to Yellowstone Boulevard
  • Baisley Pond Park: Lakeview Lane from 122nd Avenue to Baisley Boulevard & Lakeview Boulevard from East 118th Avenue to 122nd Avenue & Barron Street from 116th Avenue to Foch Boulevard & 155th Street from 119th Avenue to 125th Avenue
  • Crocheron Park: 35th Avenue on Corbett Road
  • Ralph DeMarco Park: Ditmars Boulevard from 19th Street to Shore Boulevard
    Inside Parks
  • Forest Park: East Main Drive from Metropolitan Avenue to Overlook Parking Lot
  • Forest Park: Freedom Drive from Park Lane to South Myrtle Avenue
  • Forest Park: West Main Drive from Band Shell Lot to Golf Course Lot
  • Flushing Meadows-Corona Park: Meadow Lake Drive from Model Airplane Field to Meadow Lake Bridge Parking Lot

Staten Island

  • Water Street: Bay Street to Front Street (Stapleton)
  • Canal Street: Bay Street to Front Street (Stapleton)
  • Adjacent to Stapleton Waterfront Park: Front Street from Canal Street to Edgewater Street
  • Inside Silver Lake Park: Silver Lake Park Road from Forest Avenue to Victory Boulevard
  • Adjacent to North Shore Esplanade Park: Bank Street

As the Department of Transportation details on its website:

Open Streets are available daily, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) for pedestrians and cyclists to use the roadbed of the street while maintaining at least six feet of distance from others. Opening hours may vary by location due to NYPD staffing.

You can find out specific details of a given street closure here. If you’d like to have a street considered for the program, you can fill out this survey.

Protected bike lanes are as follows:


  • Broadway: Barclay Street to Morris Street (Financial District)
  • 38th and 39th Streets: 1st Avenue to 11th Avenue (Midtown)
  • 61st / 62nd Streets: Queensboro Bridge to Fifth Avenue(Central Queens/ Central Park)
  • Centre/ Lafayette Streets: Brooklyn Bridge to Spring Street (Lower Manhattan/ Soho)
  • 6th/7th Avenue: 59th Street to 34th/ 47th Street (Midtown Core)
  • 5th Avenue: 120th Street to 110th Street (Central Park/ Midtown)


  • 4th Avenue: 1st Street to Flatbush Avenue (Boerum Hill)
  • Ashland Place/Navy Street: Hanson Place to Sands Street (Clinton Hill)
  • Flatbush Avenue: Grand Army Plaza to Ocean Avenue (Prospect Park)


  • Crescent Street: Queens Plaza North to Hoyt Avenue North (Astoria/Long Island City)
  • Broadway/Northern Boulevard: 34th Avenue to Queensboro Plaza (Central Queens/Central Park)

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