North America’s first indoor ski resort is now open at New Jersey’s American Dream mega-mall

December 23, 2019

Images courtesy of Big SNOW

New Jersey’s three-million-square-foot American Dream mega-mall has added another attraction to its phased opening: a 16-story, climate-controlled indoor ski slope. Big SNOW is the first of its kind in North America and aims to make it easier for skiers and snowboarders to hit the slopes. The location offers equipment rentals, lessons, private coaching, children’s programs, and private events.

Big SNOW, American Dream Mall, indoor ski, meadowlands

Big SNOW, American Dream Mall, indoor ski, meadowlands

The facility boasts four acres of snow-covered slopes serviced by four lifts. The slope grades range from zero-percent at the base to 26 percent at the steepest point and 10 percent on average. The slopes will be filled with more than 5,500 tons of snow and shaped to an average snow depth of two feet throughout. The temperature inside the center will remain a constant 28-degrees Fahrenheit year-round, and they have the capacity to make 4.4 tons of new snow per hour.

Comprehensive packages including equipment rentals, helmets, winter outerwear, slope access tickets, and a free introductory lesson start at $49.99 if you purchase tickets in advance online (they’ll run you $69.99 if you purchase on-site). If you’re more experienced and already have your own gear, you can get in for $29.99 for two hours or $49.99 for four hours. The facility has a maximum capacity of 500 people.

Big SNOW was planned as the third phase of American Dream’s opening, but phase two, which includes a DreamWorks water park, is currently delayed. The fourth phase will include shops, dining, an observation wheel, and an aquarium and is scheduled to open in March 2020. The first part of the mall, an overall $5 billion project, opened this past October after 16 years of delays.



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