New virtual art exhibition at High Line Nine highlights multiple artists at once

October 1, 2019

Shuli Sadé’s Wild, Heterotopias; courtesy of Related Companies

A new art exhibit that opened last week at the High Line Nine in Chelsea appears to be an empty room of blank walls. But the exhibition, titled “Art Has No Limits,” actually features art hidden in plain sight. Through the augmented reality art app Aery, visitors have access to multiple shows by different artists in the same space, at the same time. The new exhibit, which opened at the gallery between West 27th and West 28th Streets on Sunday, shows off work by photographer Shuli Sadé and neo-conceptual artist Richard Humann.

Created in partnership between Related Companies and augmented reality developer Membit, Aery “enables the public to seek out and experience augmented reality art anchored in the real world,” according to a press release about the exhibit. The first-ever Aery exhibit is on display at the High Line Nine, with more pilot exhibitions planned in the coming weeks at Kasmin, Margaret Thatcher Projects, and UNIX Gallery.

Richard Humann’s Ascension; courtesy of Related Companies

“We recognize that AR is going to be both a new medium for artists to work in and a new tool for galleries to use in our communication with collectors of physical art,” Paul Kasmin, founder of the gallery Kasmin, said in a press release.

In “Art Has No Limits,” both of the artists’ work can be viewed separately while in the same space. Sadé focuses on “land, nature, and metropolisxf” through 3D photographic sculptures. Humann created “digital suspended celestial bodies” that appear to float in the night sky.

On Oct. 5, High Line Nine and Aery will host free guided tours around West Chelsea to view Sadé and Humann’s pieces from the High Line and Hudson Yards. The free tours depart every 30 minutes from the gallery.


Images courtesy of Related Companies


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