New Photo Kiosk Lets You Take a Selfie with One World Trade Center

December 19, 2014

It’s hard to get the perfect selfie when you’re worried about holding the phone at the right angle and pressing the button without dropping it. So a new Financial District photo kiosk will come as a welcome relief to architecture-loving selfie-takers. The bright red “selfie station,” sponsored by the Downtown Alliance, a lower Manhattan business improvement district, lets users take photos of themselves with One World Trade Center soaring in the background. Located at Albany Plaza at the corner of Greenwich and Albany Streets, the high-tech kiosk also lets visitors choose photo filters and email, tweet, or Facebook their selfie.

The Downtown Alliance arrived at the idea for the $7,000 kiosk after watching people struggle to get a selfie with the 1,776-foot tower. They worked with tech companies Zivelo and National Media Brands to develop the first-of-its-kind machine. Though it’s free to use, the photos become co-owned by the Alliance and can be used on their social media channels, so you’ll have to sign a waiver before getting your selfie on. The photos are branded with #LowerManhattan and vaguely resemble a traditional travel postcard.

Jessica Lappin, president of the Downtown Alliance, said, “We used to send postcards, but now we send selfies. This is fun, and a first-of-a-kind way for visitors to share their experiences.” She also said that if the kiosk proves successful, the group will consider adding others in lower Manhattan.

[Via DNAinfo]

Image via Downtown Alliance

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