Tiny MUJI Hut offers a stylish and inexpensive option for homeowners who want another room

April 27, 2017

It’s been about a year and a half since MUJI first announced their MUJI Hut, a modern prefab take on the micro-home. Costing $27,000, it’s a well-priced housing option for those with land—and it’s finally hit the market. Although the price tag may still be out of reach for most New Yorkers, those blessed with a backyard and some extra cash can easily turn this hut into a stylish extra room or office. That’s right, at just 97 square feet this little guy appears to skirt the need for a building permit, keeping well below the 121 square feet that would require plans, approval, and tedious visits to the Department of Buildings.

Each hut is constructed from wood sourced from Japan and wrapped in a burned hardwood cladding to increase its durability. A concrete foundation “provides strength and guards against ground moisture,” and makes for an easy to clean surface “even in dirt-prone environments.”

The interior uses cypress veneer plywood, comes insulated, and boasts enough space 3-4 people to comfortably “relax in,” says MUJI. The tiny hut also has a cozy porch and two windows for that seamless indoor/outdoor feel.

At the moment, the MUJI Hut is only being sold in Japan, however, given the level of interest they’ve generated worldwide, its U.S. arrival seems inevitable.


Images courtesy of MUJI

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