Tiny House

September 3, 2020

For $1.7M, an award-winning tiny house in the Amagansett Dunes

The Amagansett Dunes is a seaside stretch of this Hamptons enclave that is full of beach cottages and casual vacation homes. And though this property at 9 Ocean Lane fits both those bills, it's really quite unique. Designed by Bates Masi + Architects, the home is only 600 square feet due to local and FEMA regulations. However, the architects used these restraints to "explore the geometry of the building in section and how it can expand our perception of space," according to their project page. The award-winning two-bedroom residence is now for sale $1,725,000 and it even comes fully furnished.
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May 17, 2018

Bjarke Ingels reveals off-grid tiny house in the Catskills

Bjarke Ingels is everywhere. Literally. Three weeks ago, we wrote about his new design for 2 Penn Plaza. Two weeks ago, we wrote about his amazing XI sales gallery experience with the stage designer Es Devlin. Last week, it was his new role as Chief Architect at WeWork. And now, BIG has just announced Bjarke built an off-the-grid triangular tiny house in the Catskills with designer and interior architect Soren Rose. (Does this rockstarchitect ever sleep?) Bjarke Ingels Group shared with 6sqft this exclusive set of photos of the mini modern abode, which blends the A-frame architecture of the upstate area with a Nordic aesthetic.
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April 27, 2017

Tiny MUJI Hut offers a stylish and inexpensive option for homeowners who want another room

It's been about a year and a half since MUJI first announced their MUJI Hut, a modern prefab take on the micro-home. Costing $27,000, it's a well-priced housing option for those with land—and it's finally hit the market. Although the price tag may still be out of reach for most New Yorkers, those blessed with a backyard and some extra cash can easily turn this hut into a stylish extra room or office. That's right, at just 97 square feet this little guy appears to skirt the need for a building permit, keeping well below the 121 square feet that would require plans, approval, and tedious visits to the Department of Buildings.
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March 8, 2017

Watch a 3D-printed home get made in under 24 hours

While many of us living in New York City search for months before finding that perfect apartment, there's now a way to get a brand new home built in under 24 hours. As reported by engadget, the San Francisco-based startup Apis Cor used a mobile 3D-printer to print out the concrete walls, partitions, and building envelope for a 400 square-foot-home in just less than a day, all for the pretty reasonable price of $10,314 (not including the property, of course). And while NYC doesn't have much open space for free-standing homes, the technology could potentially be used for various residential components or tiny home configurations.
Watch the entire process in action and see inside the tiny home
July 13, 2016

127-Square-Foot Tiny House in the Catskills Fits Three for $125/Night

Jump on the tiny house bandwagon for few nights with this teensy 7' x 18' cabin up in the Catskills. In addition to boasting that cool reclaimed/rustic/cabin porn aesthetic, this little guy is also located on a charming 12-acre farm that comes complete with goats, bunnies, sheep, chickens, a fire pit, and a swimming pond. On top of all of that, at just $125/night, you could invite another two guests to get cozy with you—yes, believe it or not, there is more than one bed sardined into this home!
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May 17, 2016

Live On Artist Hannes Bend’s Boat for Under $300/Month – Tow It Wherever You Want

Now that we know it is very possible to live a (reasonably) comfortable life on a 200-square-foot boat with your significant other and a dog, there's no reason to pass up this opportunity to stretch out on a 28-foot sailboat for next to nothing. As Brokelyn first reports, artist Hannes Bend, is offering up his Bronx-docked boat up to anyone who wants to live a seafaring life—with the convenience of the city just handful of subway lines and stops away, of course—pretty much for free.
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April 12, 2016

Miko Mercer Is Building a 160-Square-Foot Tiny House in Crown Heights

Brooklyn resident Miko Mercer, 30, joined the Tiny House Movement, and she's done more than just take a passing interest. The New York Times recently visited Ms. Mercer and the 160-square-foot DIY dwelling she's constructing, not on a homesteader's plot, but inside a big Crown Heights warehouse. Mercer, who runs the skin care division at popular beauty subscription service Birchbox and draws a six-figure income, still found that, as a single person, she couldn't afford to buy a home in a city where the average price of an apartment is $1.7 million. She ordered a trailer bed, leased the warehouse space and got to work, designing the house herself using a 3-D modeling application called Sketchup, meticulously managing the budget using a spreadsheet. She puts the estimated cost of her tiny house at about $30,000.
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March 15, 2016

This Couple Ditched Their Apartment to Live on a 200-Square-Foot Boat for $360/Month

When most New Yorkers want to start shaving money off the monthly rent bill they shack up with roommates, move far out in the boroughs, or relocate altogether. But this savvy couple found a way to save more than $4,500 a month without leaving downtown Manhattan, though they did sacrifice significantly on space (h/t Curbed). Mel Magazine made a video, "A Couple's Guide to Living on a Boat in New York in Winter," that profiles Victoria Fine and Jon Vidar, who share a 200-square-foot houseboat that's docked in the East River, along with their dog. Jon says he's been known to be "a drunken sailor" at times, but that being hungover on a boat is probably the worst part of sea living. And they both agree that you can forget personal space, with Victorian referencing a recent time she was sick with a cold.
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November 9, 2015

Tiny House ‘MUJI Huts’ Will Start at Just $25,000

For lovers of the tiny house movement and eco-design, it was pretty big news when environmentally conscious, "no-brand" Japanese household company MUJI announced that they'd be launching three tiny prefab cabins called MUJI Hut. The three models are of varying materials (wood, cork, and aluminum) and size, created by three well-known designers (Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison, and Konstantin Grcic). One is envisioned as a true tiny home for living off the grid, another as a vacation retreat, and the third as a place to temporarily escape. The models first launched last week at Tokyo Design Week, but now Spoon & Tomago has uncovered the pricing, which ranges from $25,000 to $40,000.
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March 25, 2015

128-Square-Foot Tiny Heirloom Home Offers Rustic Elegance and Chic Quarters to Go

Living small is the new living large—at least that's what trend pieces would point to. While realistically most of us would rather stretch out in a four-bedroom, if we had to squeeze into a micro home, we definitely wouldn't mind shacking up in a Tiny Heirloom. Easily more elegant and better-styled than most NYC apartments (including our own!), this miniature abode is the glamorous incarnation of your typical tiny home and comes with all the bells an whistles you could possibly imagine, including free electricity provided by the sun or wind!
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September 24, 2014

Luxury ‘Glamper’ by Tinywood Homes is Perfect for Fall Excursions (Hot Tub Included)

The autumn months can get a bit chilly, but rest assured, fall is one the best seasons for camping. Cool and crisp weather make for ideal hiking conditions, and beautiful colors reign supreme immersing onlookers in otherworldly-hues. However, if you're still adverse to sleeping with nothing more than a slip of fabric between you and the ground, this luxurious 'glamper' is the perfect solution for those who'd rather experience nature with the creature comforts of home. In fact, this cool camper comes with one fun (arguably, low-brow) indulgence most of us never get to enjoy: a hot tub.
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