Madonna says in court papers that UWS co-op rules shouldn’t apply to her because she’s famous

October 3, 2016

“Express Yourself” is not a problem for Madonna when it comes to her real estate dramas. After getting caught posting fake “no parking” signs outside her Upper East Side mansion, she then sued the board of her Upper West Side co-op when they tried to enforce the rule that her children and staff can’t use the apartment without her, the owner, present. The Post has now obtained court papers in which the diva asserts she should be exempt from the building rules since they knew she was a superstar when she moved there in 2004. “At that time, I was, and still am, a world-known performing artist… One West knew or should have known that I traveled extensively and owned other residences.”

harperley hall, 1 west 64th street, upper west side co-op

Madonna says the co-op rules weren’t in place when she bought the apartment at 1 West 64th Street for $7.3 million in 2008, but that they were changed in 2014 unbeknownst to her. Therefore, in the  Manhattan Supreme Court papers, she and her lawyers say the co-op board is violating a state “roommate law” that “renders unenforceable lease clauses that attempt to restrict a tenant’s rights to use her apartment for her immediate family, a roommate and the children of the roommate.”

This isn’t Madonna’s first drama withe building, either. When she bought this apartment in 2008, she also owned a duplex in the building that she shared with ex-husband Sean Penn. She reportedly used it as a private exercise and dance studio and for loud parties, causing the tenant above her to sue. She ended up selling the apartment in 2013 for $16 million, but that doesn’t seem to be an option here as she said it’s her primary residence and “a place I call home. It is there that I have my cherished personal effects and property such as artwork, paintings, sculpture, special furniture and the like.”

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