Madonna Caught Posting Fake ‘No Parking’ Signs Outside UES Mansion

March 24, 2016

Madonna seems to really be going off the rails lately, with multiple reports of wild performance antics and showing up late to concerts. But her questionable behavior isn’t just reserved for the stage, as TMZ is reporting that she “concocted a scheme to snag precious parking spots in front of her super expensive NYC apartment, and the authorities came down on them like a brick.” Reports say that her people put “Tenant Parking Only” signs along the block, as well as painted the curb yellow and embossed it to say “NO PARKING,” despite the fact that these are all public parking spots.

Google Stret View of 152-156 East 81st Street

152-156 East 81st Street-3

152-156 East 81st Street-5

152-156 East 81st Street-4

152-156 East 81st Street-2Photos from listing before Madonna’s renovation, via Sotheby’s

Back in 2009, Madonna bought three Georgian townhouses at 152-156 East 81st Street for $32 million, spending $1.7 million on renovations that included adding a fifth story to create a 26-room, 13-bedroom mega-mansion. The 57-foot-wide residence (one of the widest in the neighborhood) reportedly has multiple dining rooms, an elevator, a private gym/dance studio, two garages, and a 3,000-square-foot garden. The old listing says it’s “reminiscent of a London townhouse,” perhaps what drew the pop star who called England home while married to Guy Ritchie in.

Madonna-parking signs-TMZ
Image © TMZ

Her parking scam was brought to light when a neighbor complained to the Department of Transportation and an inspector visited the site and ordered the signs be removed. This neighbor claims that when she asked one of Madonna’s people about the signs he responded, “We know the right people.”

[Via TMZ]


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