Light Up Your Rooms with David MacMaster’s Blooming Beauties

June 13, 2014

Fans of floral centerpieces can now decorate their homes with blooms that won’t wilt thanks to David MacMaster‘s flower-inspired pendant lights. They’re part of the British designer’s Bloom series, a line of elegant, wood-crafted lamps that will easily brighten up any room.

Founded in 2009, MacMaster Furniture is known for combining nature-inspired design with all-natural materials. The lights are carefully crafted from light-weight pieces of birch wood — which can be left natural or stained a stunning scarlet red — to resemble the blossoming beauties found in Mother Nature. When lit up, the Bloom lights emit a warm, comforting glow.

Bloom light designed by MacMaster Furniture

Other botanic pieces include the lotus pendant light and beautifully-curved tulip floor lamp. Check out all of MacMaster’s work on his website.

Images courtesy of MacMaster Furniture

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