Facebook co-founder Sean Parker buys three Greenwich Village townhouses to create mega-mansion

August 29, 2016

There must be something about the Village and Facebook that go together. Back in January, the social media company’s co-founder Chris Hughes sold his Soho loft for $8.5 million and relocated to a $23.5 million West Village townhouse. And now the Post reports that the other founding partner, Sean Parker, who also created Napster, has acquired three homes along West 10th Street, where he plans to create one big mega-mansion.

Parker bought the Beaux Arts-style carriage house at 40 West 10th Street (which is called the Bacchus House “after the Greek god of wine and famous as a party pad for the city’s elite”) for $20 million in 2010. He then bought the two adjacent Anglo-Italianate townhouses–number 38 in May for $16.5 million and more recently number 36, which wasn’t even publicly listed yet and is still in the midst of renovations, but went for around $22 million said sources.

Since the homes are located well within the Greenwich Village Historic District, any renovation work will have to go through the Landmarks Preservation Commission, who wouldn’t be regulating interior work in this case, but would be quite strict of anything that would alter the front or rear facades. But Parker may not have such a hard time considering billionaire Roman Abramovich recently won approvals from the Commission to combine three historic Upper East Side townhouses into another makeshift mansion.

[Via NYP]




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