$72.5M Greenwich Village townhouse sale is priciest in downtown Manhattan

January 31, 2024

Streetview of 138-140 West 11th Street © 2024 Google

An unnamed buyer paid $72.5 million for a townhouse in Greenwich Village, setting a new record for the property type in downtown Manhattan. As first reported by the Wall Street Journal, the home at 138-140 West 11th Street is a combination of two four-story 19th-century homes. The seller was Dexter Goi, the former CEO of Altice USA, according to the Journal.

The off-market deal marks the most expensive townhouse to be sold in downtown Manhattan, and is among the priciest of any residential property ever sold in the area, behind Jeff Bezos’ $80 million condo buy in 2019.  

The most expensive townhouse to be sold in the city is an Upper East Side home purchased in 2019 by hedge fund founder John Griffin for $77.1 million.

Goi bought the home for roughly $31 million in 2016. According to the Journal, the unknown buyer is a retired couple who plan to use the home as a pied-à-terre.

Not much is known about the inside of the property. However, records show the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the project to renovate and convert the two buildings into a single-family mansion. The buildings were combined in the early 20th century, according to the commission.


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  1. L

    I was born in St. Vincent’s Hospital in 2/1953.
    I went to PS 41, I passed these homes many times on my way to and from school. My parents
    refused to move out of our apartment 12a in 209 w.13th St. until my older brother convinced them It was too dangerous for me to go to middle and High school there. I begged them to buy a townhouse but they wouldn’t. When they moved into the Village in the late 40’s they told me the price of townhomes.was between $3 and $5 thousand dollars. They said they were afraid to get stuck with a “white
    elephant”, because everyone was running away from the city. A few years ago I saw my building on Zillow. the same apartment 2 floors up from ours was renting for $3,001. per month. No closets, no elevator. We moved out in Jan.1965. It was rent controlled and we paid $57.00 per month rent. The same buildings/homes are still there. It’s people’s perception of the area. I find it very bazaar how humans convince themselves of things in the extreme. I will always view G.V. as my hometown. I see it through the eyes of an 11 yr. old. I took my children back there to show them were I grew up. It gave me a very different feeling, not a good one either. When ever I dream about G.V. I see it as I did in my youth.