Dwell’s Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron Shares Her Favorite Designs with 6sqft

June 4, 2014

Enter the home of any design enthusiast and you’re almost guaranteed to find a copy the latest month’s Dwell magazine sitting on their coffee table. While a number of design publications have disappeared into the abyss over the last few years, Dwell has stuck around as a power player and source of inspiration for creatives across the globe. And it’s no wonder — the mag’s glossy pages are brimming with cutting edge architecture, lots of industrial design eye-candy, and fascinating stories of those who dare to live differently.

Amanda Dameron is Dwell’s Editor-in-Chief, and she’s the brains behind the content across all of the media company’s platforms. As one of the most influential voices in the world of modern design, it was only fitting that last year she launched the Dwell Store, an e-shop offering up many of the incredible things featured in the magazine each month. Though there are thousands of designs to be had at the site, here Amanda shares with us a curated list of her favorite items from the store.

Weather Diary Collection Oiva Teapot

Aino Maija Metsol tea pot

“I’ve been a fan of designer Aino-Maija Metsola since we featured her house in a recent issue,” says Amanda. “She’s only been designing for Marimekko for a few years, but she’s already made quite a name for herself.” Her teapot seen above is part of a series of designs inspired by her time spent on the fortress-island off the coast of Helsinki. (Available for $115 here.)

Blossom Candlesticks

blossom candlesticks

Color in a home is never a bad thing, and it’s the easiest way to breathe new life into a space. “I love the palette in this collection — the hues work together well and the shape proves a nice focal point even when they aren’t in use,” says Amanda. Buy them in one hue, or mix and match, you can’t really go wrong. (Available for $55-$75 here.)

THIN LED Task Lamp

thin led lamp by juniper and peter bristol

What’s an editor without a good lamp? “Proofing copy requires more than simple looking,” Amanda says. “An editor’s eye becomes accustomed to finding things that are not immediately apparent to the casual reader […] You need a concentrated beam, and depending on the time of the day, you need the ability to adjust the power of the light.” This beautiful THIN LED Task Lamp features a slim silhouette that’s perfect for not only those with a small workspace but for those who prefer more streamlined designs. Though demure in form, this little baby is quite the powerhouse, able to give off a robust 500 lumens. (Available for $395 here.)

MT Masking Tape

MT masking tape

Skip the Scotch and grab some MT masking tape instead. For Amanda, this colorful adhesive comes in handy for reviewing pages and tacking things to the wall. Amanda says: “This tape is great, not only because it has a vibrant color that pulls the eye immediately but also because it comes off easily, and never strips paint or paper.” (Available for $36 here.)

Grain Audio PWS Wireless Speaker

grain audio wireless wood speaker

Remember the days when a stereo system took up the whole corner of a room? Not anymore. This modern, mini speaker is perfect for the bedroom or as a work companion. “Late-night editing requires a good soundtrack,” Amanda says. “I love this bluetooth-enabled speaker because it not only produces rich audio quality, it also sports a nice wood grain and a compact silhouette.” (Available for $249 here.)

Half Moon Laundry Basket

half moon laundry basket

Dirty laundry is one of life’s inevitable truths. This handy carry-all makes transporting your unmentionables (and then some) a breeze while remain stylish enough to remain in view in any room. Amanda says: “I need a laundry carry-all that’s substantial enough to hold a week’s worth of laundry from my family (including my baby who requires multiple outfit changes each day) and sturdy enough to make it down the three flights of stairs to my building’s laundry facilities. The leather straps are strong and well-made, and the hand-blocked design is a beautiful bonus.” (Available for $115 here.)

Cincinnati Union Terminal Architectural Sculpture

union terminal architecture sculpture

Fans of architectural miniatures will love these Chisel & Mouse sculptures. The studio, led by brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley, wanted to channel their passion for architecture by creating sculptures of iconic buildings. For Amanda, this replica of the Union Terminal is a token to remind her of her hometown. “This one of Cincinnati’s most important architectural statements,” she says, “its Art Deco façade is stunning, and inside, there are incredible mosaic murals by German American artist Winold Reiss. This building stands as a tribute to Cincinnati’s transportation history.” Want to pay homage to your own hometown monument? Check out the complete collection. (Available for $215 here.)

***You can see more of Amanda’s favorite items in our gallery and here. All of her picks are available for purchase at the Dwell Store. And for those vying for one (or all) of them, you’re in luck — they’ll be for sale at the Dwell Store on the show floor.

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