Design contest winner would turn Park Avenue into a concert venue and basketball court

March 14, 2018

Rendering of “Park Park” courtesy of Maison

Last month, Fisher Brothers unveiled the 17 finalists for its “Beyond the Centerline” design competition, a call for creative and ambitious ideas for how to transform Park Avenue’s traffic medians between 46th and 57th Streets. Proposals called for everything from an Alpine mountain to a High Line-esque walkway to a massive aquarium, but in the end, it was the “Park Park” entry that the jury selected as the winner. This proposal, courtesy of Ben Meade, Anthony Stahl, and Alexia Beghi of design firm Maison, transforms the iconic thoroughfare via a series of raised platforms that hold a concert space, art galleries, gardens, a restaurant, and a basketball court, “intended to inject new energy into the currently staid Park Avenue landscape.”

Renderings of “Park Park” courtesy of Maison

According to a press release from Fischer Brothers, “Park Park” includes:

The Stage, a performance space to hold concerts and shows; The Gallery, a triplet of glass cubes that serves as a rotating art gallery and showroom; The Gardens, a seasonally-curated pathway that provides a lush respite in the city; and The Court, an elevated basketball court that pays homage to New York City’s rich basketball culture.

Renderings of “Park River” courtesy of Local Architects

The winning team won $25,000, but a popular vote winner (chosen by the public after the finalists’ ideas were on display) also took home a $5,000 prize. This project came from Amy Garlock, Drew Cowdrey, and Fareez Giga of architecture firm Local Architects. Their idea, “Park River,” wanted to shed light on the fact that “New York’s waterways are underused and difficult to access from the heart of the city.” They, therefore, envision a river that runs along the sides of the Avenue, creating 11 blocks of “waterfront property” and allowing for kayaking in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Plus, expanded plazas would add space for boating, dining, and lounging.


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