Brooklyn kids are hanging rainbow art in windows as part of a quarantine-style scavenger hunt

March 23, 2020

Photo by amsw photography from Pexels

With school closed and playdates off-limits, New York City kids are staying connected with their friends in a creative and colorful way. Children in Brooklyn are drawing and painting pictures of rainbows and displaying them outside of their homes, creating a scavenger hunt perfect for one of the only quarantine-approved activities: a walk around the neighborhood.


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The rainbow trend reportedly started with children in Italy, where all non-essential businesses have been closed for nearly two weeks in response to the coronavirus outbreak. But the arts and crafts idea soon took off in other countries facing similar restrictions, including Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

As more drawings started popping up in windows across Brooklyn, an interactive Google Map was created to help children chase the rainbows in each neighborhood. The “Rainbow Connection Map” currently has hundreds of addresses marked, with hints on where to look.

“The neighborhood kiddos are going on walks but no longer can see their friends or go to playgrounds. Some of us are putting rainbows ? up in our windows for them to spot as many as they can on a walk. Like a giant neighborhood-wide, I spy game,” the map’s organizer wrote. “If you are wondering what you can do in this time – put a rainbow in your window to spread some joy!”

Explore the map below:

[Via NY Times]


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