Apply for 86 Affordable Apartments in Brownsville’s Prospect Plaza, Starting at $689/Month

April 13, 2016

Through tools like rezonings, the city has been trying in recent years to increase affordable housing opportunities in lower-income Brooklyn neighborhoods like East New York and Brownsville, and the latter now has 86 brand new apartments available through the city’s affordable housing lottery. The units are part of the much larger Prospect Plaza development by Dattner Architects, which altogether will transform a 4.5-acre site into 364 units of affordable and public housing, as well as a 22,000-square-foot supermarket, 12,000-square-foot community facility, and a rooftop greenhouse.

The first batch of units to come online, located at 1740-1760 Prospect Place and 396 Saratoga Avenue, range from $689/month one-bedrooms to $1,181/month three-bedrooms for families earning between $24,995 and $63,060 annually. They’ll feature “exquisitely finished kitchen and bathrooms,” energy efficient appliances and fixtures, on-site laundry rooms, a fitness room, and parking for an additional fee.


Prospect Plaza-Dattner Architects-3

Prospect Plaza-Dattner Architects-4

Prospect Plaza-Dattner Architects-2

According to the architects:

The new development will be designed and built in three phases, including 80 units of NYCHA public housing and 284 affordable housing apartments. Prospect Plaza South, Phase I of the development, will include a series of four story, walk-up, townhouse-style buildings and a five-and-a-half story elevator building for a total of 148 units. Phase II, Prospect Plaza North, will have 111 units in a combination of townhouse-style walk-ups and taller elevator buildings. The final phase, the Saratoga Site, will be a four-and-a-half story elevator building organized around a central courtyard with 105 units.

The units currently available are located in Phase I. The project is being constructed through the Low-Income Affordable Marketplace Program (LAMP), the Low Income Rental Program (LIRP), and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

Prospect Plaza-housing lottery

Those who qualify can apply here. Find below our map of other ongoing housing lotteries:

All renderings courtesy of Dattner Architects

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  1. M

    how could i APPLY????

  2. M

    Why can’t a working person like myself, Stuck in the Shelter Conundrum get a Decent Place To Live?? One would think that an Already Displaced Individuals with a job would be Considered a Priority. But alas, we are lower on the totem pole than pets. Homelessness Should Not Be Such A Lucrative Business & Insurmountable Hurdle for one to Overcome. It Is Breeding Mental Illness, Unscrupulous Practices & Rampant Housing Dispartities. Am I eligible for consideration, due to the fact that I am a Brooklyn resident, by chance?? Or is this too a pipe dream?? To be looked at but Selectively Excluded From Too??

  3. W

    I to apply for two bedroom apartments for me and my sister. These are beautiful apartments and would love to rent one of these apartments. Thanks

  4. M

    I have lived in Brownsville for 20+ years. I’m looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in a secure, smoke free building…I have COPD….. I currently, and have lived on Sackman Street the entire 20+ years in a single family home, however the owner, my brother-in-law , has decided to sell. I need to be in a apartment that affords me space, & everything on 1 floor.

  5. K

    I need a apartment in 1744 prospect place

  6. C

    I am desperately looking for an apartment please help