You can now take a private helicopter to brunch at JFK’s TWA Hotel

September 17, 2019

Image courtesy of MCR and Morse Development

It’ll cost you a pretty penny—$340 per person, to be exact—but you can now take a private helicopter to brunch at JFK’s buzzy new TWA Hotel. Helicopter service Blade and the Gerber Group have partnered on the limited-edition offering, which is open for reservations on Sundays only through November 3rd.

The ticket price includes pre-take-off drinks at the Blade lounge just off the West Side Highway, a five-minute chopper ride to the airport, brunch at the rooftop pool (each person will receive a $50 meal credit with their ticket), pool access, and a chopper ride back to the Blade hub in Manhattan. Check out more details or make a booking here.

If you snag a reservation for Sunday, October 20, you may want to stick around for a panel discussion at 4 p.m. featuring the designers, engineers, and other contractors who brought the iconic Eero Saarinen-designed building back to life. The afternoon will also include performances of four musical compositions inspired by the TWA Flight Center, commissioned by Open House New York and Access Contemporary Music to celebrate the building’s reopening.


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