Uber is bringing dockless, electric bikes to the Bronx, Rockaways, and Staten Island

July 5, 2018

In May, 6sqft reported that outer-borough neighborhoods underserved by Citi Bike would get dockless bike-share programs this summer. On Tuesday, the city’s pilot officially kicked off in the Rockaways, the area around Fordham University in the Bronx, and the North Shore of Staten Island, and to make things more exciting, the city is also offering electric bikes (h/t NY Times). The Uber-owned Jump Bikes is providing dockless electric bikes that can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour with little user effort. The bikes will cost only a dollar or two and can be reserved and paid for in the Uber app.

Jump dockless bikes
Jump Bike company

After an initial launch in the Rockaways last summer, described by the New York Times as “a cautious approach” to avoid the chaos of our crowded streets, the city is now rolling out the rest of the program in three other boroughs. Initially, Brooklyn’s Coney Island was supposed to be in the first launch but city officials decided to wait until later this year due to community concerns over construction and summer crowds. Each zone will have 200 electric and regular bikes. If they prove successful, the program will grow across other neighborhoods.

As the Times explains:

New York recently approved new rules for electric bikes, allowing so-called pedal-assist bicycles that require a rider to pedal to activate an electric motor and to keep the bike moving. Bikes favored by delivery workers, known as throttle-controlled electric bikes, that can travel faster than 20 m.p.h. will remain illegal, a decision that raised concerns over discrimination against a largely immigrant work force.

The new Jump bikes will cost $1-2 to rent for a 30-minute ride, and riders can leave their bikes basically anywhere – on a rack or just on a sidewalk or curb. They unlock them using a keypad on the back wheel. Lime, Pace and Ofo companies will also be involved in the venture.

Uber bought Jump in April, reportedly for $200 million. On Monday, fellow rideshare company Lyft announced that it had bought Motivate (sources say for $250 million), the parent company of Citi Bike, and now has a contract with the city to maintain its exclusive right to provide bikes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens through 2029.

Here is the schedule according to the DOT’s twitter account:

Mid-July: Rockaways
Mid-to-late July: Central Bronx/Fordham area
Mid-to-late July: North Shore #onStatenIsland
Later this year: Coney Island


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