Spray-Painted Solar Cells Get One Step Closer to Reality

August 5, 2014

You may have heard last year that scientists began exploring the idea of spray-paintable solar cells, and now researchers at Sheffield University in England have made a breakthrough that could bring this green energy dream one step closer to reality.

The advance comes from the use of organometal halide perkovskite, a mineral/crystal, organic/metal hydra, which offers the potential to combine high-performing, mature solar cell technologies with organic photovoltaics that have a low embedded energy cost.

Current organic solar cells have a 10% efficiency rate, but adding the material perkovsite increased performance to up to 19%–a rate close to the efficiency of silicon, the world solar market’s leading material that is expensive and a far cry from being a green material.

Solar Cell Factory, solar energy, green energy
Solar cells being produced GIGASOLAR via photopin cc

But why make this technology available in an aerosol can? Because the possibilities with spray-paintable solar cells are endless. Entire intricate facades could be coated in the material, as could electric cars, outdoor furniture, and even street art. An end date for the project isn’t known, but we’re already making a list of what we’re going to spray.

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Lead image courtesy of Windwärts Energie via photopin cc

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