Pickett Furniture’s Brann Hanging Lamp Casts a Cool Shadow

May 19, 2014

If you’re looking to turn your apartment into a peaceful retreat from New York City’s noisy, overflowing streets, start by installing these zen, bamboo-covered light fixtures. Designed by Jeremy Pickett of Brooklyn’s Pickett Furniture, the Brann hanging lamps seamlessly blend modern minimalist with fine, old-world craftsmanship.

The versatile fixtures come in several rectangular and circular frames, making them a fit for almost any room in the house. One even casts a pentagram-shaped shadow thanks to the way its inner beams are artfully arranged.

Brann hanging lamps by Pickett Furniture

Crafted from bamboo veneers with brass stems and canopies, the dangling lamps are also extremely sturdy. Like many of his designs, they were inspired by Pickett’s many trips abroad — including visits to Norway and Japan — where he was introduced to vintage textiles from different cultures.

Pickett recently showcased the Brann lamps at BKLYN Design, but you can make an appointment to check out all of his products at his Red Hook showroom.

+ Pickett Furniture

Images courtesy of Pickett Furniture

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