NYC breaks 50-year record for longest snowless streak

January 30, 2023

New York City has broken the record for the longest start to a winter season without snow, with no considerable amount of snow hitting the five boroughs for 327 days. If no measurable snowfall, considered at least a tenth of an inch, falls by February 4, the city will break its record for the longest streak of consecutive days without measurable snow, according to the New York Times.

The city’s previous record for the latest snowfall happened during the 1972-73 winter season, with the first measurable snowfall occurring on January 29, 1973, according to the National Weather Service.

The last time the city received a measurable amount of snow was on March 9, 2022, when 0.4 inches of snow hit.

New York is not alone in its lack of snow, as many other major cities in the Eastern United States are experiencing some of their most snowless winter seasons in recent memory. Syracuse, one of the country’s snowiest cities that averages more than 120 inches every year, has still only received 25 inches of snow, according to the New York Times.

Other cities on the East Coast also experiencing snowless winters include Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore.

On the other hand, Buffalo is seeing some of the heaviest snowfall its had in the past 50 years, the majority of which blanketed the city on December 19, dropping roughly four feet of snow and taking the lives of at least 40 people.

Meteorologists have stated that current weather forecasts are not showing the possibility of a measurable snowfall over the next week, according to ABC News.


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