Hipster nativity scene is hilarious, sacrilegious and can be yours for $129.99

November 29, 2016

Do you hear what I hear? I think it’s Lightning Bolt…

Though the resurgence of beards and maxi-dresses makes the classic version look almost au courant, a company called Modern Nativity has created a tongue-in-cheek take on the iconic Christmas manger scene with an update for the smartphone set. The “hipster nativity” was born, like many a great idea, over happy hour beers between friends. Founder Casey Wright tells Mashable that after having an illustrator sketch it up, the idea looked too good to leave on the drawing board.

In this little town of Bethlehemburg, a pleather-legginged Mary–her look definitely works with the whole immaculate conception thing–sips a latte and duck-faces for man-bunned lumbersexual Joseph’s selfie. A diverse (like the originals!) crew of Wise Men arrive on Segways bearing Amazon Prime parcels. The devil(-ish) is definitely in the details: Cows sip from gluten-free feed troughs and a sheep wears a festive holiday sweater–though in a truly modern parenting scenario the swaddled babe wouldn’t be in a manger at all (co-sleeping!).



The 21st century nativity populated by hand-painted seven-inch-tall polyresin figurines has been predictably polarizing; Wright says it’s been called sacrilegious (“I hope you burn in Hell.”) and hilarious (“I need one!”) with little in between.

The set retails for $129.99, and according to Wright, has been selling at a brisk pace since it became available in mid-November.

[Via Mashable]


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