Domino Park unveils interactive art display that lights up when stepped on

March 8, 2021

Jen Lewin, Reflect at Domino Park, Brooklyn, March 2021. Drone footage by Demian Neufeld, Ryders Alley Media, and Matt Emmi. Edited by Joshua Pullar. Artwork (c) 2021 Jen Lewin

Months after Domino Park painted circles on the lawn to keep park-goers socially distanced, a different type of ring has appeared at the waterfront Williamsburg green space. The park last week unveiled Reflect, an interactive sculpture designed by artist Jen Lewin made up of three concentric rings that react to the steps of visitors. Each jump, skip, and dance on the circular platforms triggers a new flash of light, with many people able to engage with the display at once.

The exhibition measures 2,400 square feet and takes shape in a concentric pattern inspired by “organic systems found in nature.” As reported by Brooklyn Paper, the park’s owners hope Reflect serves as a chance for New Yorkers to pause and remember the resilience of the city as it continues to recover from the pandemic.

“This installation comes at just the right moment, people are craving safe ways to enjoy the city,” Kate Gavriel, the cultural affairs director for park developer Two Trees, told Brooklyn Paper.

During the day, the sculpture’s glossy surface mirrors the surrounding environment and looks different depending on the light and perspective. At night, the sculpture glows and changes color as it interacts to movement, made possible due to custom “complex code and hardware,” created by Lewin.

Multiple visitors can interact with the art at one time, while also maintaining social distancing. To ensure safety measures are followed, staff will check on the installation as part of their regular rounds, according to the park.

Domino Park is the first venue in the United States that will display the exhibition, which debuted in Tokyo last year. Reflect is free and open to the public through April 15 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Photo credit: Jen Lewin, Reflect at Domino Park, Brooklyn, March 2021. Drone footage by Demian Neufeld, Ryders Alley Media, and Matt Emmi. Edited by Joshua Pullar. Artwork (c) 2021 Jen Lewin  

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