Do You Really Know Your Neighborhood? Interactive Map Helps You Find Out More on Who’s Around

February 25, 2015

No, this isn’t a celebrity stalker map. This cool new map from PlaceILive lets you find out more about how your neighborhood rates when it comes to everything from demographics to health to transportation to daily life, safety, sports and leisure and entertainment, which even takes into account how many ramen houses and cheese shops are within reach.

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The creators developed the map as a tool to help people on their hunt for a new home. The idea was to have a centralized database where one could quickly find out the most important bits via their mobile app or desktop on demand. Through their ‘Life Quality Index‘ (LQI) you can make quick comparisons drawn from the real life experiences of existing community members as well as US census data, the NYPD, the MTA, foursquare and socrata, among others.

PlaceILive co-founder Šarūnas Legeckas told 6sqft in an email: “All of this data we aggregate (more than 200 different data sets), we crunch, and, with some mathematical models and algorithms, sum up to these seven categories. We then have an overall score which we call Life Quality Index.”

new yorkers, new york diversityThe app is still in beta and Legeckas and his team are looking for feedback from the community to better rate neighborhoods. For instance, if you don’t agree with the results you see, you can submit your complaints to the PlaceILive creators.

“LQI is an indication of livability suggested by the stats,” says Legeckas, “we encourage people to rate those neighborhoods and leave their feedback. Meaning, if the stats show there is a high crime rate, but maybe people who live there feel safe, they can argue with the stats.”

The map not only gives you better background information on the various locations in which you are looking to rent, buy, or sell a home, but also helps you find interesting places to visit that you might have missed in a city.

Currently PlaceILive provides information on any house and neighborhood in five major cities, which include Chicago, San Francisco, Berlin, London, and, of course, New York.

You can join in the conversation or simply explore the streets around you here.


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  1. G

    I looked up my address in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The rankings are nonsense and fail to factor in approx. 80% of the local amenities in my immediate neighborhood. Unless this is still very beta, I believe it falls into the category, “lies, lies and damned statistics.”