Daily Link Fix: The City’s Landmarked Lampposts; NYC Named America’s Snobbiest City

November 24, 2014
  • There are 62 lampposts that are designated city landmarks. Who knew?? [GVSHP]
  • Local artists design markers for the South Bronx Culture Trail. [DNAinfo]
  • Ever wonder where the nickname Gotham came from? Turns out, it might have started as an insult. [Ephemeral NY]
  • NYC is America’s snobbiest city. We politely disagree. [Fortune]
  • On the one-year anniversary of the whitewashing of 5Pointz, a new documentary chronicles the artists’ efforts to save the graffiti mecca. [Brownstoner Queens]

Images: Central Park lamppost via 6sqft (L): Breakfast at Tiffany’s via Christina Saint Marche via photopin cc (R)

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