After NYC’s first day with no COVID deaths, Mayor warns of virus spread among 20-year-olds

July 13, 2020

Photo of New Yorkers drinking on St. Mark’s Place in May by Eden, Janine and Jim on Flickr

On April 7, at the peak of the pandemic, New York City saw more than 800 COVID-related deaths in a single day. But on July 11, the city reported zero coronavirus-related deaths for the first time since March. Across New York State, that number has remained near or below 10 for several weeks. And though this is an incredible feat, especially considering that New York was the global epicenter of the pandemic not too long ago, Mayor de Blasio warned in his press conference today that the city is seeing a rise in positive cases among 20-29-year-olds. To remind these young adults that they’re “not impervious,” the city will launch a new outreach effort that includes messaging from social media influencers.

A graph showing new COVID cases by age in NYC from Mayor de Blasio’s July 13, 2020 presentation

In addition to teaming up with influencers, the city will host a “night of action,” during which they “will conduct outreach through popular bars, outdoor restaurants, and waterfront locations, offering nearby mobile van testing and mask giveaways.” Areas like the East Village, especially along St. Mark’s Place, and the Upper East Side along Second Avenue have been problematic in terms of young people gathering outside and drinking, many of whom haven’t been wearing masks.

Governor Cuomo has been adamant that the NYPD needs to enforce social distancing rules, and last month, he signed two executive orders that said any bar or restaurant found in violation of the state’s reopening rules could immediately lose their liquor license or be forced to shut down. In the West Village, the White Horse Tavern had an outdoor dining setup before it was allowed. They’ve since racked up 30 violations, and on Friday, their liquor license was revoked. Because of issues like this, when New York City entered phase three last Monday, the indoor dining piece was postponed until further notice.

According to CDC data, there have been 3,236,130 COVID cases in the U.S. to date. On Sunday, the country reported 62,918 new cases, the second-most ever on a single day, compared to the record-setting 66,281 the previous day. On Sunday alone, Florida reported 15,300 new positive cases, the most in a single day for any state (they reported another 12,624 today). The nation’s total death count is 134,572.

The story in New York is very different. Since beginning its phased reopening, the state has actually seen a decline in positive cases and deaths. On Sunday, the state performed 51,687 COVID tests; 557, or 1.08% were positive. In New York City, this percentage was 1.1. To protect its progress, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut implemented a 14-day quarantine for people traveling from states that meet certain metrics. Currently, there are 19 states on that list.


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