Watch Herzog & de Meuron’s ‘Jenga Tower’ rise in 60 seconds

May 17, 2017

56 Leonard is one of NYC’s most exciting recent architectural additions. Dreamt up by Herzog & de Meuron, the skyline-altering condo tower rises 57 stories with an undeniable acrobatic grace, carefully staggering its floors in a cantilevering Jenga-like configuration that also appears to be in perfect equilibrium. Although the project developed by the Alexico Group and Hines took nearly a decade to build, a new video (h/t The Real Deal) released by the developers fast tracks the long and arduous process, neatly wrapping up 10 years of work into just over 60 seconds.

As seen in the video above, the Tribeca skyscraper was already partially built at the start of filming in March 2014. TRD points out that construction began in 2008 but was quickly brought to a halt as a result of the financial crisis. The tower went untouched for four years and it was unclear if it would ever be completed. It wasn’t until 2013 when Alexico brought on Hines that the project would be revived. The pair was able to secure the financing needed to resume work, and the tower as we know it today—an architectural marvel filled with 145 apartments priced well into the eight-figure range—became a reality in 2016.

[Via TRD]


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