Travel + Leisure dubs ‘NoLo’ NYC’s next trendy neighborhood

January 26, 2017

DoBro (Downtown Brooklyn), MiMa (Midtown Manhattan), Hellsea (Hell’s Kitchen meets Chelsea), BoCoCa (Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens)–typically we blame brokers and real estate marketers for inventing outlandish neighborhood acronyms as a way to make their listings and developments seem unique and in uncharted territory. But this time, the writers over at Travel + Leisure have decided to try their hand at the name game, dubbing “NoLo” the next trendy ‘hood. “There’s no cooler neighborhood mashup,” they say, than “the parts of Soho where Nolita bumps against the Lower East Side.” Here you’ll find “a community of restaurants, shops, cafes and drinking spots that exude the city’s cutting edge style.”

In a promotional video for the feature, T + L says, “this is where old New York meets the new,” a fact that we can’t argue with. Though they don’t mention any of the historic establishments in the area (such as the St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, Lombardi’s Pizza, or Parisi Bakery), they do provide a roundup of hip new spots, including celeb tattoo parlor Bang Bang NYC, healthy Italian restaurant Pietro Nolita, the casual yet eclectic Café Henrie, matcha bar Cha Cha Matcha, and pencil shop CW Pencil Enterprise (more on that shop here). And while this is definitely a nice collection of entrepreneurial establishments, their respective areas–the Lower East Side and Nolita, namely–have enough of a cool factor on their own without mixing in a new acronym. Though, one might have said the same when Nolita (North of Little Italy) first began its ascent into real estate jargon.

[Via Travel + Leisure]


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