These Twitter accounts will tell you how long the lines are at Trader Joe’s

April 23, 2020

The Court Square Trader Joe’s. Photo by Eden, Janine and Jim via Flickr cc

Getting groceries is no easy task in the current climate, from waiting in lines to scavenging for toilet paper. But a couple of new Twitter accounts are hoping to make it a bit less stressful, at least for those New Yorkers still heading to Trader Joe’s. Trader Joes Line Alert was started by a Brooklyn Heights resident to let people know how long the line currently is at the Court Street store. Likewise, EV TJs and Target Line will let you know how long the lines are at both the Trader Joe’s and Target on 14th Street and Avenue A. And then there’s Trader Joes Line Murray Hill.

Trader Joe’s Line Alert was started by local resident Jacob Shwirtz, who has seen the Court Square TJ’s line wrapping around the block since social distancing measures were put in place, sometimes as long as 100 people. He noted to News 12 that this can be challenging for essential workers or vulnerable persons trying to limit their time outdoors. His Twitter account directs New Yorkers to “hit me up and I’ll let you know how long the line is.” He told News 12, “I literally go to my window, check out the line, and reply back to them, usually pretty quickly.” His alerts are color-coded–red, yellow, and green–depending on the length.

Launched on Monday, EV TJs and Target Line was likely influenced by Shwirtz, as many New Yorkers have expressed their desire for similar accounts around the city. This Trader Joe’s just opened in January to alleviate the crowds at the Union Square store. The Target is just across Avenue A and has been open for about two years. The account seems to function in the same way.

The man who started the Murray Hill account says he’s “just another person trying to help.” He’ll let you know in real-time what the status is at the store on 2nd Avenue and 32nd Street.

Trader Joe’s shoppers should keep in mind that the chain is regularly closing stores for one or a few days due to coronavirus concerns. These are listed ahead of time on their website.

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