Slow Wood’s Teca Lamp Elegantly Combines Hand-Turned Wood and Blown Glass

December 30, 2014

Typically, glass lamps border on the contemporary side, while wooden light fixtures lean more toward a rustic style. But for those of you who don’t fit squarely into one of those boxes, we’ve found the perfect piece to light up any room.

The Teca Lamp by Italian startup Slow Wood (in collaboration with Shiina + Nardi Design and Lorenzo Frenceschinis) is a sustainable ceiling fixture that beautifully combines hand-turned wood and blown glass. Each shade is made with a unique combination of raw cherry woods and is enclosed in a glass bubble.

Teca Lamp, Slow Wood, blown glass, hand-turned wood

Lorenzo Frenceschinis, the craftsman, doesn’t buy the necessary lumber on the market, but rather uses local trees after their natural fall. It’s said that woodturning requires “a few hours and over four years of experience,” due to the delicate process and great accuracy needed to get the desired shape. Despite the beautifully crafted wood, the designers felt the piece was still incomplete and brought in Shiina + Nardi to create a homogenous glass enclosure. Learn more about the skillfully-designed lamp in the video below.

[Via designboom]

Images and video via Slow Wood

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