Screw Smiles Bring Happiness to Your Hardware and Polio Vaccines to Children in Need

April 4, 2016

Most of the time we’re trying to hide that unsightly hardware that keeps our furniture together and our pictures hanging on the wall. But what would happen if it became part of our decor instead? Enter “Smile Screws.” These cute little home accessories were developed by designer Yuma Kano and are currently being manufactured by Komuro Industry in Osaka, Japan. Kano’s innovative new take on the screw replaces the traditional cross or slot with a smiley face, giving a sense of expression and emotion to a mass-produced product. It’s no longer just a utilitarian piece of metal. Now it carries a positive message easily understood all over the world.

Komuro Industry, Yuma Kano, screw smiles Komuro Industry, Yuma Kano, screw smiles

To further their cheerful takeover, Smile Screws is launching a special design project asking users to take pictures of their Smile Screws in action. The images are then uploaded a website where the location of the screws are marked on a map, creating a visual record of the Smile Screws across the globe.

Komuro Industry, Yuma Kano, screw smiles

Additionally, with each set of Smile Screws sold, one dose of the polio vaccine will be delivered to a child in need in a developing nation through the Japan Committee Vaccines for the World’s Children.

Stay up to date on the Smile Screws and other projects from Kano here.


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