POLL: Do Lower Income Residents of Extell’s ‘Poor Door’ Building Have a Right to Complain?

January 20, 2016

Lower income residents of Extell’s notorious “poor door” building at 50 Riverside Boulevard are not happy with what they’re considering glaring disparities between those like themselves who live in the affordable units and those in the luxury section of the building. Aside from having to use a separate entrance, the lower income tenants don’t have access to amenities such as a movie theater, two gyms, a doorman, and a bowling alley. They also claim their apartments lack dishwashers, light fixtures in bedrooms and living rooms, and have faulty intercom systems.

But are their complaints warranted? After all, the affordable units start at just $833 a month for a prime Upper West Side location, compared with millions of dollars for one of the luxury units. And many market-rate renters throughout the boroughs who are paying significantly more still don’t get doormen and dishwashers. Which side are you on?

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