Central Park Conservancy

May 13, 2024

Central Park installs new pizza box recycling bins

Central Park has a solution to a very New York problem. As first reported by NY1, the Central Park Conservancy introduced a clever recycling bin designed specifically to fit pizza boxes to address the pileup from picnics and parties. Located in the busy East Pinetum section of the park, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the bin can store up to 50 pizza boxes. Conservancy staff will check the bin up to three times a day.
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January 11, 2024

Central Park’s Bow Bridge reopens with new wood decking

The iconic Bow Bridge in Central Park reopened this week after a two-month-long renovation project. Led by the Central Park Conservancy, the project replaced the decking with new, more durable wood and bolstered several beams under the deck to stabilize them and prevent future corrosion. The Conservancy researched historic photographs of the bridge, originally constructed in 1862, to identify the number of planks and the decking size of the bridge floor.
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November 28, 2023

Central Park’s Bow Bridge closes for renovations

The famous Bow Bridge in Central Park will close for two months for renovations. The Central Park Conservancy on Sunday announced in a social media post the iconic bridge will not be open to the public from November 27 through January 2024 for repairs that include replacing its wood decking. Parkgoers will still be able to access the Bethesda Terrace and Ramble area from the East and West Drives through West 77th, West 78th, East 74th, and East 78th Streets, as well as from Belvedere Castle going south, according to TimeOut.
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December 20, 2022

Central Park’s first named gate since 1862 honors the exonerated ‘Central Park Five’

A new gate in Central Park will permanently honor the "Central Park Five," the five Black and Latino teens who in 1989 were convicted of a crime they didn't commit. "The Gate of the Exonerated" commemorates the exoneration of all five men, each of whom unjustly served between six and 12 years in prison before being cleared in 2002. Located on 110th Street between Malcolm X Boulevard and Fifth Avenue, the new entrance was unveiled on Monday, exactly 20 years after their convictions were overturned, marking the first named gate in Central Park since 1862.
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October 21, 2022

This map of Central Park tracks fall foliage in real time

The Central Park Conservancy has launched a new, interactive Peak Fall Foliage map to let parkgoers know the best times and locations to take in autumn's most vibrant colors. In the coming weeks, approximately 18,000 trees across Central Park's 843 acres will reach their peak color. The map's real-time information is provided by Central Park's arborists who take care of more than 170 species of trees on a daily basis.
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August 20, 2020

Tour Central Park with this free virtual guide

Exploring the 840+ acres of Central Park and all of its historic sites just got easier, thanks to a free new digital guide. The Central Park Conservancy this week launched a new guide to the park on the Bloomberg Connects app. Although official tours and programs are on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, green space lovers can still learn about the park's natural habitats, historic statues, and landmarked structures through photos, audio clips, and video, easily accessed from their smartphones.
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April 20, 2020

7 things you didn’t know about Central Park

Although it's one of the most visited city parks in the world, Central Park is chock-full of hidden spots and historic treasures that even native New Yorkers don't know about. Designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the 840-acre park has served as an oasis for city dwellers for over 150 years. Ahead, learn about some of Central Park's lesser-known sites, from its waterfalls and whisper bench to a Revolutionary War-era cannon.
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February 19, 2020

Plan to renovate Central Park North rink and pool opposed by local skaters and swimmers

The $150 million plan to build a new pool and ice rink at the northern end of Central Park is facing backlash from local swimmers and skaters. Last September, the Central Park Conservancy revealed a project to replace the aging Lasker Rink and Pool and create space for year-round recreation. But a group of hockey players and swimmers is asking the conservancy to revise its plan, which they claim would reduce the space they can use, eliminating some of the programs offered.
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September 28, 2018

Where to find fall foliage in Central Park

You don't have to go upstate to experience the magic of fall foliage--right here in Central Park, there are 20,000 trees, many of which "transform into golden shades of yellow, orange, red, and more." Which is why the Central Park Conservancy has released its 2018 Fall Guide, complete with a map of the best spots to catch the autumnal bliss, as well as a list of upcoming fall tours.
July 18, 2018

$150M revamp announced for Central Park’s Lasker pool and ice rink

Central Park's Lasker pool and ice rink is set to undergo a major makeover, funded collectively by the Central Park Conservancy and the city. As first reported by the Daily News, the pool and rink will close for construction in 2020 for three years. The refurbishment will better connect the North Woods and the Harlem Meer, both currently blocked from one another by the rink.
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February 23, 2018

Central Park’s Belvedere Castle will close for restoration next week

The Belvedere in Central Park was conceived as a miniature castle by Calvert Vaux, co-designer of the park, in 1869. It opened with some of the best views of the city's prized green space--the name Belvedere was chosen as it is Italian for "beautiful view." But the years have taken their toll on the stone structure, which has not been renovated since 1983. Now the Central Park Conservancy will close it to address issues like cracked pavement, a leaky roof, and plumbing issues. Starting this Monday, February 26th, Belvedere Castle will be off-limits to the public for its restoration, and will not reopen until 2019.
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November 2, 2017

MAP: The best loops and trails for running in Central Park

If you're suddenly feeling inspired to start running with all the talk of the New York City Marathon, a map created by the Central Park Conservancy will help you get moving. While Central Park no longer serves as the only spot marathon contestants race through as it did during the city’s first marathon in 1970, it remains an oasis for runners of all experience levels. The conservancy's guide maps out the many loops and trails of the park to help you hit the ground running in preparation for next year's marathon, or even just starting a new hobby.
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October 5, 2017

MAP: Find the colorful fall foliage of Central Park’s 20,000 trees

Central Park's most dazzling and vibrant season has arrived. With over 20,000 trees and 150 species of trees spread across 843-acres, Central Park in autumn remains a cannot-miss spectacle for New Yorkers. Thankfully, the Central Park Conservancy created a fall foliage map making it easy to find the leaves with the brightest shades of gold, yellow, red and orange this season.
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August 21, 2017

EVENT: Attend free movie screenings at Central Park and Marcus Garvey Park this week

Celebrate the end of summer with the 2017 Central Park Conservancy Film Festival, which kicks off Monday night with the showing of the 2014 remake of “Annie.” In addition to Central Park screenings, the film festival will include free outdoor screenings in Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park and Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways. This year’s lineup features movies filmed in New York, including “The Wiz,” The Great Gatsby,” and “The Godfather.” All of the movie screenings are free to attend and tickets are not necessary.
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June 12, 2017

Controversy builds over proposed elevated path in Central Park

Central Park’s Belvedere Castle will undergo major renovations beginning this summer and early fall, to fix the 146-year-old structure’s cracked pavement, leaking roof and plumbing issues. While the plan to give the castle a face-lift was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission last month, the plan to make its path handicap-accessible has not yet been approved. According to the New York Times, preservationists are concerned about the Central Park Conservancy’s proposal to build a ramp-like elevated walkway to the castle’s entrance, saying it would alter the experience of Central Park.
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April 12, 2017

Central Park’s Belvedere Castle and two playgrounds to close for renovations this summer

While the outside of the Belvedere Castle looks strong, the inside of the 146-year-old fortress is actually crumbling. The cracked pavement, leaking roof, and plumbing issues encouraged the Central Park Conservancy to start a 10-year $300 million campaign last summer to renovate its structures, as well as surrounding playgrounds. As DNAInfo reported, beginning at the end of this summer and early fall, the castle, the Bernard Family Playground, and the Billy Johnson Playground will be closed for reconstruction.
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July 14, 2016

Suffering From Decay, Central Park Seeks $300M for Repairs and Restoration

If you've walked through Central Park on a recent weekend, you've likely noticed lush grass, blooming flowers, and hordes of tourists and locals alike enjoying the city's unofficial backyard. But a closer look reveals "the debilitating effects of time and modern use," according to the Times, which is why the Central Park Conservancy is embarking a 10-year, $300 million campaign to fund repairs and restorations in the 843-acre open space. "Forever Green: Ensuring the Future of Central Park" will address issues such as a leaking roof at the 144-year-old Belvedere Castle, plumbing issues and cracked pavement at the Conservatory Garden, and insufficient infrastructure at the Naumburg Bandshell. It will also restore arches, bridges, gazebos, and waterways to Olmsted and Vaux's original Adirondack- and Catskills-inspired vision.
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December 24, 2015

See How Much Central Park Has Changed Since the ’80s in These Before-and-After Photos

In 1980, the Central Park Conservancy was formed as a nonprofit organization to manage the park under a contract with the City of New York and the Parks Department. As 6sqft noted in a previous interview with the Conservancy, they're made up of "gardeners, arborists, horticulturists, landscape architects, designers, tour guides, archeologists, a communications team, and even a historian," all of whom help to maintain the park as the gorgeous urban oasis we know and love today. But before this, the park faced countless political and economic stressors, and without a central body to oversee it, entered a state of disrepair and neglect. It culminated in the '80s (as the Conservancy worked on a plan for its rehabilitation) with barren patches of land, graffiti tags, and dead plants. Since it's hard to imagine Central Park in such a state, the Conservancy has provided these incredible before-and-after photos that show just how far the beloved space has come.
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August 26, 2015

Art Nerd New York’s Top Event Picks for the Week, 8/27-9/2

Love art but can't afford to be a collector? This week, head over to Amy Li Projects on Mott Street with five bucks and something to screen print your very own Brian Leo piece on. I'm also sure you've seen a handful of European artists working hard on murals around the city, now check out this foreign collective's gallery show and party at Exit Room. In just a few days, you can get to know the New Museum's artist in residence Chelsea Knight as she shows off the fruits of her labor. And be sure to head to Governors Island on Friday to learn about the secret secrets of New York with urban explorer Moses Gates. For a blast from the past, end August in neon and spandex by celebrating the '80s with a week of films at Central Park and a special Michael Jackson-themed roller disco night in Brooklyn.
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September 12, 2014

New Yorker Spotlight: Sara Cedar Miller and Larry Boes of the Central Park Conservancy

Central Park's 843 acres serve as New York City's backyard, playground, picnic spot, gym, and the list goes on. Taking care of the urban oasis is no small task; it requires gardeners, arborists, horticulturists, landscape architects, designers, tour guides, archeologists, a communications team, and even a historian. The organization in charge of this tremendous undertaking is the Central Park Conservancy. Since its founding in 1980, the Conservancy has worked to keep the park in pristine condition, making sure it continues to be New York's ultimate escape. Eager to learn more about Central Park and the Conservancy's work, we recently spoke with two of its dedicated employees: Sara Cedar Miller, Associate Vice President for Park Information/Historian and Photographer, and Larry Boes, Senior Zone Gardener in charge of the Shakespeare Garden.
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