Line In-Between Is a New Album That Plays the Noises of New York City

September 16, 2014

We’ve heard about people who move out of the city in search of a more quiet lifestyle, but then can’t think or sleep due to the silence. Well, there’s a new album that might be just what the doctor ordered for these sleep-deprived NYC expats.

Line In-Between is an album recorded entirely from the noises of New York City, highlighting that sounds and music are interconnected. And what makes us love this project even more is that while the urban tunes roll, striking images of the city’s architecture play along.

The album is a project by Wes Batts, Kayla Colaizzi and Mike Laura. The group chose to record the sounds of locations that were especially meaningful to them, and then re-conceptualized and manipulated the noises into an album. The track list is: Marcy Playground, 5points, Broadway, Transmitter Park, Chinatown, Grand Central, Subway, Wall Street, High Line, and Central Park.

Line In-Between describes its process: “There is a razor thin line between music and noise. The chaos of existence is underscored by a natural rhythm that can be felt by all. There are few places where the fluid boundary between noise and music is as tested as in New York. The city itself pulsates—moves with and echoes its inhabitants. Inspired by its captivating tempo, we wanted to design a musical progression that is as eclectic and diverse as New York itself.”

Line In-Between, NYC sounds

The geometric architectural images are a play on symmetry, inverting and reconfiguring well-know snapshots of places like Grand Central.

Preview all of Line In-Between’s tracks on the album’s website.

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Images courtesy of Line In-Between

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