Hand-Printed Poster of the Empire State Building Is a History Lesson and Art Piece in One

September 8, 2015

The Empire State Building has a long and torrid history and is arguably the most iconic piece of New York Architecture to date, with both native New Yorkers and tourists alike looking to the towering mega-structure as a symbol of man’s ingenuity and achievement. That being said, who wouldn’t want to adorn their walls with this cool graphic poster of the Empire State Building from designer Taylor Doolittle? In addition to an illustration of the cherished building, this poster will fill your days with useful trivia, as it also includes a slew of facts about the building’s history and legacy.

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The posters are hand printed in Columbus, Ohio, and Doolittle uses his vast knowledge of all things nerdy to create work tailored for the hobbyist and genre fans. Click here if you like what you see and want to purchase a print of your own.


Images via Taylor Doolittle

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