Funky Desk Is Kid-Friendly and Has Secret Compartments

February 21, 2016

This funky table from furniture retailer Rafa Kids is cleverly designed to resemble the letter K when viewed from the side (hence its name, K Desk). The design also features rounded corners (to keep little noggins safe) and a useful lid that reveals a second table top when lifted. The underside of the lid also doubles as a bulletin board to hang drawings or photos.

Rafa Kids, K-desk, kids furniture

The extra lid is a trademark design move from Rafa Kids, as the hinged surface adds fun new possibilities to the functionality of the piece. It also allows for additional storage space so kids keep their most beloved objects safe. The lid is attached to the desk with soft-close hinges that protect children’s fingers and eliminate that disturbing slamming sound.

Rafa Kids, K-desk, kids furniture

The table is available in black and white finishes, both transparent enough to allow the natural pattern of the birch wood grain to show through, and the smooth desktop hides all screws and connectors on the exterior of the table.

K-Desk, Rafa Kids, Kids furniture, desk design

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