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Matchpoint Is a Tennis-Style Storage Solution

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Fri, January 15, 2016

Studio Balagan, Matchpoint, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, storage solution, hanger, tennis aesthetics, retro aesthetics, second skin,

Planning to get organized in 2016? Well, we have a quirky storage solution that might help you get started. Taking inspiration from retro tennis aesthetics, Matchpoint acts like a wall’s second skin. It’s a place to hang anything from fruits to pens and even holds little hooks and shelves. Designed by Studio Balagan, the airy net structure will help you organize the flood of knick knacks you’ve been meaning to go through.

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Bridie Picot, Matt Smith, Sacrificial Chair, thing industries,

Working and living in the big city lends itself to an extremely busy lifestyle that doesn’t always allow time for more trivial chores like actually hanging your clothes in the closet. But that doesn’t mean we want to prematurely dirty our beloved threads by throwing them on the floor. Designers Bridie Picot and Matt Smith of Thing Industries have the perfect solution with their Sacrificial Chair. It wasn’t designed as a traditional chair (sorry folks you can’t sit here), but instead to replace “that chair” that is “constantly covered in crap.”

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CARUSO, music cabinet, Paolo Cappello Design

It’s beautiful when two of our favorite things, like design and music, come together, and this innovative speaker-cabinet is the perfect combo. From Verona-based designer Paolo Cappello, the Caruso is what we like to call a conversation piece. It boasts a beautiful design in both its aesthetics and functionality, as it doubles as a wireless speaker system. The cabinet is adorned with a gramophone, accessed by your device via Bluetooth.

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Nina Tolstrup, Studiomama, Metamorphic wardrobe, furniture, small spaces, interiors, design, products, scandinavian design, Nina Tolstrup

This pastel and pale wood room divider by Danish designer Nina Tolstrup for Studiomama does at least two jobs, besides adding Scandi style to your room. It excels at closet duty, featuring a central hanging rail and ten drawers of varying sizes, but also functions as a room divider when its front doors are opened outward.

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inception coffee table, Stelios Mousarris, wave coffee table

Inspired by the 2010 movie “Inception“, this wild wave-like coffee table was designed by Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a designer draw from the impressive visuals of this stellar film (see: ‘Inception’-Inspired Map Shows a Horizonless NYC), Mousarris is the first to take the mind-bending map concept beyond our screen and into three-dimensions.

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Meike Harde, pop-up shelf, Stockwerk, adaptable furniture, flat pack shelf, German design, piano hinges, folding furniture

With limited space, New Yorkers need to be smart about how they furnish their homes. One clever solution is the use of adaptable furniture, like the brilliant Stockwerk shelf, a clever pop-up piece that can expand from almost flat to a fully functional six-level height. Created by young German designer Meike Harde, this shelf can also be delivered as a flat-pack item, yet there’s no need for complicated assembly with those dreaded Allen wrenches.

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duffy london, balloon table

One look at this charming table and you’ll probably find yourself humming the 1980s hit “99 Red Balloons.” The dreamy design of studio Duffy London, the “UP Coffee Table” explores the concepts of levitation and buoyancy to create a trompe l’oeil effect of a glass tabletop being suspended by balloons. Plus it kind of looks like a cross between a Banksy balloon and a Jeff Koons puppy, don’t you think?

more views of the table here

Furniture, Green Design

Romero Vallejo, felt seat, Ruff Pouf, GAN store, GANDIABLASCO, Ruff Pouf, Elizabethan era's inspiration, neck ruffles, geometric seats, ottoman seats,

As the weather gets colder and the days get darker, you’re probably seeking out soft, fuzzy materials to snuggle up with in your New York apartment. One new item we would definitely like to get cozy with is Romero Vallejo‘s Ruff Pouf. This contemporary ottoman is crowned with an ingenious folded felt structure inspired by neck ruffles worn by men and women during the Elizabethan era.

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Noya Brings ’80s Nostalgia Back With a Pin Art-Inspired Cabinet 

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Sun, November 29, 2015

Jaimy Noya, glazed furniture, Memento Cabinet, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD), Dutch design, Pin Art – Pin Impression Toys, 80s nostalgia, minimalistic wardrobe,

Dutch designer Jaimy Noya brings the fun of a 1980s pin impression toy to a contemporary cabinet called Memento. The glassy, elegant bureau is designed to store precious belongings, regardless of shape and size; just pin any object and watch the piece’s back metamorphosize into a porcupine.

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Katris, Papercut Lab, Tetris Furniture, Cats

Cats could be considered the perfect city pet because unlike dogs these furry creatures don’t require early morning walks or small blue poop bags. But they do come with their own set of challenges, and keeping your furniture scratch free is one of them. Enter Katris, a multi-use cat scratch post that doubles as a stylish piece of furniture. From the innovative design firm Papercut Labs, each of the five available pieces takes the familiar shape of a Tetris piece, and just like in the game, they easily fit together into different formations.

More on Katris here


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