Camera-Equipped Intelligent Oven Knows Exactly How to Cook Your Meal

June 10, 2015

Although it may look like a run-of-the-mill toaster oven, don’t let its modest appearance deceive you. This little appliance will quickly turn a poor soul who can’t fry an egg into a master chef—or something close to one. Invented by Ammunition Group, a team credited with bringing the iPhone, the FitBit, the GoPro, and Lyft to market, the June Intelligent Oven is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that harnesses the power of everything we digital age junkies love: computers, a HD camera, and a Google-like image search system that can determine what we’re cooking and how it should be cooked.

Like a conventional oven, the June features a transparent door and a compact boxy shape that makes it as innocuous as any other household appliance. The tech is, however, far more advanced, using a five-inch touchscreen control system, molded insulation, triple-paned glass, and coils of carbon fiber that can heat up the oven chamber to 350 degrees in just four minutes (versus the 15 minutes it takes for regular ovens).

But its ability to rapidly heat up isn’t its main selling point—it’s what happens once you pop something in the oven: June uses a Nvidia ‘Tegra K1′ 2.3 GHz quad core processor to weigh it, take a photo of it, do an algorithm-driven search of that photo to determine what exactly it is you’re making, and then take all that data to figure out just how long your dish needs to stay in the oven and at what temperature it needs to be heated to at any given moment. June is basically a supercomputer oven that makes it pretty much impossible to undercook, overcook or burn anything.

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“By the time the door is closed, the June knows that you’re cooking, say, a steak,” June co-founder and ex-Apple engineer Nikhil Bhogal told Fast Company. “It knows how much it weighs, and if you use the integrated thermometers, it can cook that steak to your preference perfectly.” The oven’s built-in camera also allows you to peek inside the oven directly from your iPhone or iPad if you happen to be away from the kitchen—or if you want to Instagram what you’re baking.

Although June doesn’t quite provide a complete replacement for your conventional oven/stove-combo (you can’t make soup with it), for those with limited kitchen space, it’s an excellent space-saving solution. And with one cubic foot at your disposal, there’s even enough room to whip up large meals for a large party. You can roast a 12-pound turkey or bake a 12-inch pizza in one.

But as you might have guessed, this bit of tech doesn’t come cheap. The oven is currently priced at a lofty $1,500. However, if you pre-order now for spring 2016 delivery, you can knock $95 off the price tag.

Learn more about June over at its official site here.

[Via Fast Co.]


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