App-controlled toaster will sear emojis or the weather forecast onto your toast

August 19, 2016

Toast can be a bit boring, especially in the days of rainbow bagels and Eggs Benedict, but this app-controlled toaster offers quite a few ways to jazz up your standard morning bread. By working with bluetooth, not only can Toasteroid control the brownness of your toast from your smartphone, but its searing technology can print everything from weather forecasts, reminders, doodles, and emojis on your breakfast.

The toaster uses microfilament heating technology to make the imprints, which includes “tostages,” secret messages that one person with the Tosteroid app can send to another user via their morning toast.

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It’s currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter, where it’s raised $106,235 of its $150,000 goal with 30 days left. It’s expected to ship to backers beginning July 2017 and is available now for $85 (it will eventually retail for $169).

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