10 made-in-NYC gifts that support local businesses

December 14, 2022

Give your loved one a little piece of NYC this holiday season. Yes, the Big Apple is a shopping mecca with big, luxury brands boasting beautiful flagship stores, but the local creators are with whom you’ll find more meaningful gifts. “The small businesses and local artists are the backbone of community and culture in any given city,” Flannery Cronin, founder of Friend Of All, a Brooklyn-based shop selling handmade lamps, told 6sqft. “They are creating beautiful treasures that are made to last, and likely paying a living wage to those involved with its creation. If you choose to shop small this holiday season you will be doing your part to support your neighbors.” Plus, there’s usually a great story behind local brands and creators that make the product all the more interesting. From accessories to food and drink, here are 10 made-in-NYC gifts to add to your shopping list.

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Photo courtesy of Six Bells

Cottagecore Black Folks candle
Cottagecore Black Folks was founded by a 23-year-old New Yorker and pastry chef as a “home for black lovers of cottagecore, sustainability, community and simplicity.” If cottagecore is your thing too, you can find the brand’s locally-made candles at The Six Bells — a country store in the middle of the concrete jungle. The candles are made in Brooklyn. Grab one of the seasonal ones like Birch Bark & Ripe Sapling for $40.

Photo courtesy of Friend Of All

Friend Of All Pyramid Lamp
Cronin’s story behind why she started Friend Of All couldn’t be more “New York.” She was frustrated with her dark apartment which was “constantly in the shadows of its surrounding buildings.” So, her mom suggested that she make herself some lamps, and she did! Friends and family liked them so much that she decided to go into business and began crafting lamps for a living. The glass pyramids are made using a copper foil-stained glass technique. The process starts with a piece of glass that inspires Cronin. Then, she tries to create something that will transform her clients’ homes the way the lamps did for her own apartment. “The underlying goal is always to aid our customers in the process of transforming their house into a home. I want to create the entryway light you will never turn off, the nightlight that helps your kids feel safe and secure, the mood light for a perfect dinner party,” she said. The lamps are available online and sell for around $400; the Brooklyn showroom is also open by appointment.

Photo courtesy of Fusion Artsy

Fusion Artsy baseball cap
Like many people, Cindy Feng looked for a creative outlet during the pandemic in 2020. She started playing around with some designs on her iPad and eventually began selling them on Etsy. Now, a mere three years later, her designs are in a brick-and-mortar store in Noho — only one of Manhattan’s most coveted trendy neighborhoods. From prints and mugs to tote bags and fashion accessories, the Fusion Artsy brand is all about celebrating NYC in a fun and colorful way. All the products are created in Bushwick.

“My creation process is very spontaneous. If I see something I like, I tend to do it but in my own style/version,” Feng said. “I tend to get a vision first and then I select my favorite colors and start sketching then add elements and finally do at least 2/3 samples for my sisters to pick their favorites.” The gift ideas are aplenty, like this skyline baseball cap for $28 or even an adorable $12 keychain for a stocking stuffer. And, it’s not all NYC-themed, Feng also has plenty of other contemporary/bohemian designs.

Photo courtesy of Soap Cherie

Soap Cherie organic soap
Soap Cherie, a fun soap shop that actually looks like a cake shop in Williamsburg, sells handmade soaps for all kinds of needs. Get some funky and neon cupcake shapes for kids, or opt for this Dead Sea Mud soap bar for people with sensitive skin. All soaps are handmade with organic materials and range in price, starting as low as $8 for a bar.

Photo courtesy of Catbird

Catbird necklace
Catbird has become a modern classic. The brand focuses on dainty and delicate jewelry all handmade in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Catbird prides itself on using all ethically-sourced stones and sustainable gold. They also use a lot of recycled diamonds repurposed from vintage jewelry. While there are plenty of pieces to choose from, this name necklace can be customized to say anything you want — a thoughtful and personal gift. It costs $298.

Photo courtesy of Ben Lenovitz

Ben Lenovitz “Pigeons of NYC” prints
NYC artist Ben Lenovitz will turn your pet into a work of art. Specializing in cartoonish cat and dog portraits (and fish, donkeys, etc.), Lenovitz actually started his career in Japan, as he shares on his website. When he came home, he started doing pet portraits at Fishs Eddy, and now has a whole website for online orders. While the deadline to get a pet portrait done before Christmas has passed, there are other fun gifts for animal lovers available online; get a mug for a dog, cat or plant lover for $20. There’s also a Statue of Liberty tote bag for $20 and a “Pigeons of NYC” print series featuring a cartoon pigeon for every neighborhood, also $20 each

Photo via Wikimedia

Joe’s Pizza
Is there anything more authentically NYC than Joe’s Pizza? For anyone on your list who can’t just run around the corner to grab a slice, send them a couple of pies via Goldbelly. The national food site will ship the iconic pizzas (a city staple since 1975) to any state in the country — but for a lofty price: $99.99. It’s worth it though to make a true NYC pizza aficionado happy from afar.

Photo courtesy of Katz’s Deli

Katz’s Deli Chrismukkah package
Another food lover gift, the Chrismukkah package from Katz’s Deli is perfect for a true downtowner. A longtime staple of the Lower East Side, the deli had a leading role in “When Harry Met Sally,” and its neon sign is instantly recognizable. Give the gift of this iconic NYC eatery to those living far and wide as it’s available for shipping anywhere in the U.S. The kit, at $160, includes pastrami and corned beef, matzoh ball soup, crispy potato latkes, seedless deli rye bread, mustard, reuben dressing, potato knishes, and pickles. And, the best part is a portion of the proceeds of each package will go to Toys for Tots.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn Winery gift set
We’ve covered food, so now onto the drinks! Your favorite wine snob will appreciate a gift box from Brooklyn Winery. The urban winery is located in the heart of Williamsburg and makes its wine in-house (tours are available). But if you can’t make it in person, these sets, starting at $59.99, are a great way to support the local brand. There’s also a tasting kit and, if you really love the wine, a wine club membership.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery beer
Sure, wine is fine but beer is…also good. Brooklyn Brewery makes all its beer right on the premises (tours also available) by a James Beard Award-winning Brewmaster, according to the brewery. Shop gifts from sweatshirts to a lager tree ornament, but the real good stuff is the beer itself. Pick up a variety pack at the brewery, or use the site’s shopping tool to see if your local store sells Brooklyn Brewery beer.


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